Pandemic Tourism
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Tips for tourism in the pandemic! UPDATED 2021

The Year 2020 is marked for many as a year that shocked the entire world population due to the advance of the New Corona Virus pandemic. COVID-19 is the…

Central America,

Haiti – Where is it? When to go? What to do? Where to stay?

Haiti is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Santo Domingo with the Dominican Republic. Despite having suffered a strong earthquake in 2010, it managed to preserve a large part of its historical heritage that…

what to do in mexico

What to do in Mexico? – Check out 8 unmissable visits!

What to do in Mexico? Which cities are mandatory stops for anyone? Mexico is a wonderful country on the Caribbean Sea. It is mainly visited by its…

Cuenca Ecuador
South America,

Cuenca – See 7 attractions in Ecuador's 3rd largest city!

Cuenca is Ecuador's third largest city in terms of population and is located within the Sierra, part of the Andes Mountains, at 2.450 meters above sea level.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle – 5 Theories and the Truth Revealed!

The Bermuda Triangle is a place that inspired tales, myths, legends and movies that we all know. Man has always been attracted to mysteries, but some of them are really inexplicable….

Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen – What to do on the famous Mexican beach?

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful Mexican beach located in Riviera Maya. Famous for its beautiful beaches decorated with coconut trees and full of coral reefs, but not only for…

South America,

Salto – Check out 10 attractions in the 2nd largest city in Uruguay!

Salto, formerly known as Salto Oriental, is Uruguay's second largest city in terms of population and is located on the left bank of the river that bears the country's name, opposite…

Panama City

Panama City – Check out 7 attractions in the Panamanian capital!

Panama City is located beside the Panama Canal, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Capital of Panama, this city is the economic and cultural center of the nation and…

what to do in berlin

What to do in Berlin? – 9 must-see destinations in the capital!

What to do in Berlin? What are the main attractions in the city? The capital of Germany is a city that was wounded, destroyed, rebuilt and became the protagonist of history…

South America,

Bolivia – Itinerary with 15 places you need to know!

Bolivia is one of those destinations that offer incredible and unforgettable experiences, and, therefore, it is a country that deserves to be visited, especially by us South Americans. Landscapes change very quickly, between the…

Mexico City

Mexico City – Check out 8 attractions in the Mexican capital!

Mexico City is a city full of life, hectic and chaotic, full of things to do and visit. The historic center is the oldest part, as…