Pandemic Tourism
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Tips for tourism in the pandemic! UPDATED 2021

The Year 2020 is marked for many as a year that shocked the entire world population due to the advance of the New Corona Virus pandemic. COVID-19 is the…

City of Foz Do Iguacu
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Learn More Foz do Iguaçu!

Brazil offers different tourism options for those who want to take a trip! With all its extension, it is possible to search several tourist destinations without leaving the country. If you…

Discover Ponta Da Juatinga in Paraty RJ

Discover Ponta da Juatinga in Paraty/RJ!

As a host country for a great natural diversity of flora and fauna, Brazil is a paradise for ecotourism! Ecotourism is the practice that allies it...

Korean Food Bicol Restaurant

Food tourism: Korean food in São Paulo!

As a diverse country, Brazil offers a wide range of options for those who want to discover a different type of tourism, gastronomic tourism! Both the different national cultures…

Devil's Beach Flinstones Academy
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Tips from Rio: Flinstones Academy

For residents, visitors and the curious, the city of Rio de Janeiro it's an amazing place full of options to have fun. So much for those who want to visit parks, beaches, fairs,…

Parque das Aguas de Sao Lourencço Cirduito das Aguas of the State of Minas Gerai
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Parque das Águas de São Lourenço/MG!

Ecotourism is a type of tourism that seeks to organize a good leisure experience along with the sustainable development of a region! Thus, respect for natural balance and…

Saire Festival
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Discover the Festival do Sairé in Pará!

Vacations can be a great time to enjoy the country's cultural diversity! Brazil has a large number of religious, cultural and folk festivals spread all over…

Salkantay Trail

Salkantay Trail – Complete 5-day itinerary!

Knowing the Salkantay Trail is a must for all trekking lovers as well as history lovers. After all, this trail filled with lakes and breathtaking landscapes connects directly…

Krakatoa Volcano

Krakatoa Volcano – History, Location and Disasters!

The Krakatoa volcano today is no longer the gigantic size as in the past, but it has already become the cause of the disappearance of the entire island and is still generating controversy...

Estaiada BridgePhoto: Eduardo Frazão 06/04/2020

What to do in São José dos Campos? – Build Your Itinerary!

What to do in São José dos Campos? Which script to follow? Hello how are you? Here on our website we always bring posts about beaches or other paradisiacal places. But, the story…

Lima Peru

7 Points to Know in Lima – Build Your Itinerary!

The 7 Points to Know in Lima that we brought you today will leave you with an even greater desire to visit Peru. Hello how are you? Although Machu Picchu is…