Tips: 4 things to do in Amsterdam!

4 Things To Do In Amsterdam
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Tips: 4 things to do in Amsterdam!

A must stop for absolutely every visitor to Europe, Amsterdam is a city that arouses passions in most people who know it. After all, where did all this fame come from?

It's simple, Amsterdam is a unique city. Like few places in the world, the city manages to blend stunning beauty in harmony due to its canals and historic buildings preserved with overwhelming modernity, crowned with museums and heritage that symbolize the importance that the city represents not only within its country but throughout world.

In this text, we will talk about the city of Amsterdam as a whole, giving examples of the main tours or tourist activities that cannot be missing from your itinerary!

The Amsterdam experience

Let's start with the classic. If you are going to Amsterdam, you need to take a boat trip on the canals: whether on a romantic or historic footprint, you have a lot to enjoy from this tour that will yield beautiful photos and an unforgettable memory.

Another typical city tour is The Heineken Experience, where you can visit the facilities of Heineken, the country's traditional beer, and learn a little more about the history and manufacture of this beer.

Museums for all tastes

4 Things To Do In Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum
4 Things To Do In Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum

The city is also full of excellent museum options. The most important is the National Museum of the Netherlands, an imposing building in front of the well-known “Iamsterdam” sign and home to an incredible collection of Dutch artists. Next to it we also have the Van Gogh Museum, which has the largest worldwide collection of works by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh: known for his historical works and the mental disorders he faced during his life, centuries ago.

Finally, for a tour not so much related to art but deeply connected to the history of the city, there is also the Anne Frank Museum, located in the house where the Jewish girl Anne Frank hid during the Nazi occupation in Holland.

Walk through downtown and redlight district

4 Things To Do In Amsterdam Red Light District
4 Things To Do In Amsterdam Red Light District

Talking now about leisure options, the city does not fail to offer options in this regard (mainly for adults). The strolls through the city center are full of beauty and history, in addition to dozens of coffeshops for the most different tastes. The city is also known for its smartshops, which guarantees ample options for those visiting the country interested in this area. Obviously, entry to all these establishments is restricted to people over 18 years old, and it is mandatory to show your passport at the entrance.

The city's famous (and controversial!) Tourist spot is the Red Light District (or Red Light District). Exclusively for adults and with an explicit photo ban, it is an extremely interesting place to visit in the country, although it is not recommended for all types of tourists (although extremely safe).

Parties and nightclubs

In the heart of Europe, Amsterdam is also home to some of the continent's largest nightclubs and parties. Despite having many options suitable for tourists, the best indication is the party located in the Shelter house: close to the Central station, you can take a free ferry to the other side of Rio, where a party in the underground will have the best DJs in the underground business of European electronic music. But don't worry: Amsterdam is a city for all tribes, so you will also find parties of different musical styles, not restricted to electronic music.

As we can see, Amsterdam is an incredible city, full of options and interests for the most varied types of tourists. Despite the high cost and the amount of visitors, it is a trip that will guarantee not only an enormous collection of culture and history about the country and Europe, but also extremely unique experiences to the country: