Water Park of São Lourenço/MG!

Parque das Aguas de Sao Lourencço Cirduito das Aguas of the State of Minas Gerai
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Water Park of São Lourenço/MG!

Ecotourism is a type of tourism that seeks to organize a good leisure experience along with the sustainable development of a region! Thus, respect for natural balance and environmental preservation are essential for this activity! In Brazil there is a growing movement of growth of this type of tourism and in it, the city of São Lourenço with its Circuito das Águas stands out!

The São Lourenço region is officially called the São Lourenço Hydromineral Tourist Resort, and it is just one of the cities that make up the Circuito das Águas. Follow here tips on what to do, how to prepare and how to get to Parque das Águas!

The Water Park!

The main activities in the region include the Parque das Águas! In it, you can have fun with showers, saunas and the most different types of baths and mineral water sources present in the region. In addition, the park also offers sports courts! Thus, it is a great tour for families, as the options for rest and leisure can please different ages!

Thus, the spa next to Parque das Águas is right in the city center and is the busiest tourist spot! For this reason, it has a good infrastructure and around it, there are different options for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Ecotourism in the region is aimed at those who wish to take advantage of the properties of the region's natural waters! There are different benefits for each type of water and that's what attracts so many people to the region!

What to do in São Lourenço?

Other sightseeing options for families are a visit to the cable car at Morro do Mirante. There is also the option of horse-drawn carriage rides, which are a classic ride in cities in the interior of Minas Gerais. These run through the main attractions and sights of the city so it can be a good way to get to know the city!

It is also possible to take train tours in the region. The Trem das Águas tour takes you between two cities: São Lourenço and Soledade de Minas. This is a trip that allows you to get to know the neighboring city in one hit and come back in the same day! So, if you are going to extend your trip in the region, the Maria Fumaça tour is a great option and another classic type of tourism to be done in Minas Gerais!

Balao Aguas De Sao Lorenço Tour
Balao Aguas De Sao Lorenço Tour

The city of São Lourenço is also known for allowing the realization of another great tourist attraction: Balloon rides! The practice of ballooning in the region is a great option that appeals to tourists of all ages! With the tour you can get to know and admire the city from above, a leisure option to book the entire trip and make great photos!

How to prepare for the trip?

The trip to São Lourenço does not have great options for trails that require the need for preparation. So, it's a trip to relax! The main tip is to look for drivers, specialized guides and tour packages so that you can have an organized trip that includes the main tourist attractions.

A tip is to try to guide your tour between the Circuito das Waters or, limit it only to the city of São Lourenço. Thus, you will be able to think better about the time you want to spend in each location and consult the best options for packages that include your demands.

You can choose then, to know in depth the city of São Lourenço and its sights or, seek to know the Circuito das Águas that will then go, trails different cities and even states!

For example, the cable car in the city of Caxambu is the first cable car in the Circuito das Águas and has been in operation since 1988.

Caxambu Cable Car MG
Caxambu Cable Car MG

How to get to São Lourenço?

São Lourenço is a city located in the State of Minas Gerais, so the main options are travel by land.

There are several bus options and a good road structure and, in addition, it is common for tourists from nearby areas to reach the city by car.  

If you choose to travel by plane, know that the closest airport is in the city of Juiz de Fora, 240 km from São Lourenço!

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