New Year in Copacabana - UPDATED 2021

New Year In Copacabana 2021
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New Year in Copacabana - UPDATED 2021

This year, with the Pandemic of the New Corona virus, some major changes will happen. This is because the year 2020 was marked by Covid-19 and, with the intention of saving lives, there is a need to respect the rules of the World Health Organization. For this reason, Rio will welcome 2021 safely and in social distancing!

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The year 2021 will be received differently in Copacabana!

The turn of the year is a great event in Brazilian culture, and is celebrated in all cities! Welcoming the new year that is just beginning is a cultural and historical landmark in the country, closely linked to religion! Thus, the turn of the new year on the Gregorian calendar indicates the festivities of many religions present in the country! Other religions of African origin also use the date for celebrations!

In addition, the seven wave jumping rituals, bursting sparkling at 00:00, offering offerings and flowers to Iemanjá and other rituals make the beaches the main meeting point for tourists, visitors and enthusiasts at the turn of the year! There are several ways to celebrate the new year and the beach is commonly a place of great attraction for large audiences! The heat and the beauty of Rio are also a special attraction at this time of year. So it has been then the tradition of New Year's Eve parties in Rio.

New Year in Copacabana Rio 2021

The pyrotechnics festival is one of the great milestones of Copacabana's New Year! This is also one of the main reasons for Brazilian beaches to sell out at the turn of the year. In particular, Copacabana beach, where fireworks are one of the main attractions of tourists to the Marvelous City! Always with more than 10 minutes of burning, the party is a great celebration that attracts tourists from all over the world, in addition to the residents of the Marvelous City!

Since the 80s, merchants, shopkeepers and hotel owners have joined the City of Rio to launch Copacabana's New Year's Eve as the biggest in the country! The event attracts around three million people each year, driving the city's economy! However, this year will be different. Follow here the updates about New Year's Eve Rio Copacabana 2021!

How will the New Year be in Rio?

The turn from 2020 to 2021 will be different from many other New Year's Eve parties that the city of Rio has already hosted! This is because due to the pandemic of the New Corona Virus, there will be a need to avoid crowds of people so that the virus does not spread. Thus, the City Hall of Rio prohibited any celebration, party and celebration both on the sand and on the edge of the Copacabana sidewalk! This includes all the kiosks scattered around the boardwalk!

Thus, with this measure, any types of private parties with entrance and ticket charges will be prohibited. What will happen is the simple continuity of the activities of the kiosks, as it has been maintained on ordinary days. Then, the bars and restaurants located on the sand and on the boardwalk will be open at the turn of the 31st, but will not be able to offer attractions. Thus, we seek to curb the crowding of people!

Thus, this means that following the security protocols, open spaces can only accept a maximum of 50% capacity. In addition, the City of Rio has also released a statement on public transport: Metrô Rio will only work until 20 pm to avoid crowds! So, if your New Year included Copacabana beach, better think twice!

In addition, municipal agents and the Fire Department will be responsible for monitoring the establishments and fining possible violations. So, keep an eye out! The tip is to look for other beach options that attract fewer people! As there will be no traditional fireworks display, maybe this is the time to enjoy New Year's Eve with another rhythm!

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