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Margarita Island Venezuela
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Margarita Island – 12 Places to Visit on the Island of Venezuela!

Unmissable sites on the island of Margarita Laguna de la Restinga Stroll through the many marshes connected to the Laguna de la Restinga and get an intimate view of the abundant indigenous wildlife….


Florianópolis – Build your route to Ilha da Magia!

Is Florianópolis your next travel destination? So, for sure some doubts must have arisen regarding the script. Since you will be in Florianópolis, be sure to visit the…

Salkantay Trail

Salkantay Trail – Complete 5-day itinerary!

Knowing the Salkantay Trail is a must for all trekking lovers as well as history lovers. After all, this trail filled with lakes and breathtaking landscapes connects directly…

Krakatoa Volcano

Krakatoa Volcano – History, Location and Disasters!

The Krakatoa volcano today is no longer the gigantic size as in the past, but it has already become the cause of the disappearance of the entire island and is still generating controversy...

Estaiada BridgePhoto: Eduardo Frazão 06/04/2020

What to do in São José dos Campos? – Build Your Itinerary!

What to do in São José dos Campos? Which script to follow? Hello how are you? Here on our website we always bring posts about beaches or other paradisiacal places. But, the story…

Lima Peru

7 Points to Know in Lima – Build Your Itinerary!

The 7 Points to Know in Lima that we brought you today will leave you with an even greater desire to visit Peru. Hello how are you? Although Machu Picchu is…

5 Things To See In Bonito MS

5 Things to See in Bonito – MS – Monte Seu Roteiro!

The 5 Things to See in Bonito – MS that we brought you today will make you even more eager to visit the city. Hello how are you? Today we are going to talk about…

Maranduba Beach Ubatuba

Praia de Maranduba – 10 inns, location and tips!

Praia de Maranduba is one of the many beach options that stretch along the southern coast of the city of Ubatuba, the busiest region in the entire city….

7 Waterfalls in Minas Gerais

7 Waterfalls in Minas Gerais – GET TO KNOW THEM!

Discovering 7 Waterfalls in Minas Gerais will make you love the entire state and everything it has to offer. Hello how are you? Many people try to visit Minas Gerais…

What to do in Ubatuba?

Praia da Lagoinha Ubatuba – Where is it? What to do? See inns!

Praia da Lagoinha Ubatuba is one of the best beaches located on the south coast of the city, as it has an inviting sea and a busy trade, as well as all the…