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Taboo Of Maceio Seas

Tide Table Maceio 2021

Tabua extracted directly from the Brazilian Navy website. Regarding August 2021

Maragogi Alagoas Beach

How to enjoy Maragogi Alagoas

Maragogi is a real treasure on the coast of Alagoas. The reefs that dominate the region cause the formation of crystal clear natural pools in a sea of ​​warm water. Years ago, Maragogi…

JF Tamandare PE Market

Recife to Maceió in 11 days- Day 2

Quick summary: I was in Tamandaré without a car because I had lost my driver's license. And he had arrived with everything in the city closed and without speaking to anyone local. Going for groceries….

Picaozinho Natural Pools Joao Pessoa

Tide table for Jõao Pessoa 2021

The city of João Pessoa offers all tourists the great options of a northeastern coast! Thus, the beaches are generally the best options for leisure in the city. But…

Table of the Seas Cabo Frio
Cabo Frio,

Tides for Cabo Frio

Cabo Frio it is one of those cities that manage to unite different sensations in one place. Blessed by the local nature, it has an exuberant beauty in its fauna and flora to fill the…

Recife Boa Viagem

Recife to Maceió in 11 days- Day 1

Hi, my name is Charles and this is the first text in the logbook. The intention of this new column is to report my travels and prepare future travelers. THE…

How To Get To Maragogi Alagoas (1)
Tips, Beaches, Scripts,

How to get to Maragogi, The wonderful Brazilian Caribbean

How to get to Maragogi (Alagoas) In this small and beautiful state in northeastern Brazil, Maragogi stands out as a treasure in the middle of Costa dos Corais, a region where 130 kilometers of reefs live…

Arraial Do Cabo 2020 Complete Beaches Guide
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Arraial do Cabo - Complete Roadmap 2020

The Brazilian Caribbean is here. Arraial do Cabo earned this affectionate nickname because of the color of the sea, the big star of this region of Rio de Janeiro that has some of the best beaches…

Cliff Falls in Pipa Beach

Falésia collapses on Pipa beach making 3 victims 17/11/2020

The landslide of a cliff in Tibau do Sul, Potiguar coast, caused the death of a family late this morning (17/11/20). According to the Fire Department of the…

Salkantay Humantay Lake Trail 1200x900

Salkantay trail to reach Machu Picchu

Find out what the hike is like on one of the longest and most beautiful trails in Peru.