Witmarsum Colony – Germany in Brazil

Colonia Witmarsum
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Witmarsum Colony – Germany in Brazil

For those who want to know a little bit of foreign culture without leaving the country, Brazil offers many special places to visit! Thanks to immigrants from different countries who arrived in Brazil throughout history and all over the world, the country now has a wide variety of cities that portray the customs, architecture and culture of other regions of the world!

The southern region of the country, for example, received a large concentration of German immigrants! The State of Paraná is one of the regions of the country with the highest concentration of immigrants and cities that offer a contact with the customs of this European people. One of these cities is the Witmarsum Colony! The village is located in the small town of Palmeira and is one of the right regions to learn more about German culture!

Here are some tips about the Witmarsum Colony: What to do, how to get there and much more! Follow our tips here and plan your trip!

How to get to Witmarsum Colony?

The small Colony Witmarsum is located in the city of Palmeira, 60km away from the capital of Paraná, Curitiba. So, for those who wish to reach the region by car, the tip is, leaving Curitiba, to take BR-277 towards Ponta Grossa. When passing the toll booth and the highway police, at km 146, turn right towards the city of Palmeira.

What to do in Witmarsum Colony?

Here are some of the top activities to enjoy in Witmarsum!

Enjoy the local cuisine

German culture is reflected in the city in different customs, but mainly in cooking and handicrafts! So, if you want to eat well, we recommend the restaurant with typical German dishes: Bela Vista. It is possible to enjoy dishes with typical German flavors!

Furthermore, another strong point in the region is colonial coffee production! So, if you want to taste a good product, the tip is to visit Sabores da Colônia!

Another tip is to look for artisan products such as biscuits, jams, cheeses and other typical products in the city's central market! For a reference, it is located almost opposite the Witmarsum History Museum, another essential tourist spot for tourists!

Breweries in Cologne Witmarsum

For those who want to enjoy a good beer, the German colony also offers many options to enjoy. We recommend the Brewery Usinamalte, the first to arrive in the region, which has its beers sold even in the main establishments in the Colony. There is also the Kunst Brauerei, very famous and appreciated in the region that follows the style of artisan production and is worth a visit.

Witmarsum Usinamalte Brewery
Witmarsum Brewery Machinal

Another tip is the brewery Bierwit that in addition to the beer options good beer options is also a restaurant with good space and gastronomic quality to enjoy!

Other tips for enjoying the Witmarsum Colony

The village also offers many family leisure activities! One of the tips is to take advantage of the Witmarzoo mini-farm. This is an ideal tour for children who may have contact with baby goats, sheep, can feed chickens and even take a tractor ride or a pony! The entrance fee already includes all activities for children, who can even venture out on the zipline!

On warmer days, we also recommend Recanto dos Papagaios, an area by the river with free entrance and parking space!

Another recreational space is Poneyland! In this field, there are options for pony rides, tractor rides, horseback riding and pedal boat rides! The minimum expense is R$10,00 and you can convert the amount into any of the activities offered! Here, fun is guaranteed for children and adults and that is why it is one of the most popular attractions!