How to enjoy Maragogi Alagoas

Maragogi Alagoas Beach

How to enjoy Maragogi Alagoas

Maragogi is a real treasure on the coast of Alagoas. The reefs that dominate the region cause the formation of natural pools crystal clear in a sea of ​​warm waters.

Years ago, Maragogi earned the affectionate nickname of Brazilian Caribbean because of the blue color of its waters. And the tribute is fair, although this color of the sea varies a lot according to the season.

Join the incredible sea of ​​Maragogi, the dense coconut trees and the fish in the natural pools, and there you are: you are in paradise. 

The destination has become quite popular in recent decades, but Maragogi is still quiet and doesn’t show that scene of umbrellas dominating the sand.  

If you are not staying at one of the hotels and resorts that already prepare activities and tours for guests it’s important to know get organized to take advantage of the region's experiences how to go from beach to beach, enjoy the water activities, taste the typical cuisine of the region and even buy gum cake.  

Getting around the attractions of Maragogi

How you will enjoy the attractions of this tourist destination depends on how prepared you are in terms of mobility.

As we already mentioned, if you are in one of the hotels or resorts that prepare tours around the region, you have almost everything solved and you just need to know what you want to enjoy. It’s the ones that tours and activities are not always included in daily rates, not even in resorts that offer work all inclusive, like the famous Salinas de Maragogi resort.

Maragogi counts with several companies and receptive agencies that make tours of the attractions of the region.

Do you want to go on a totally independent scheme without hiring tours? If you are driving, or renting a vehicle, you will be able to enjoy a series of beaches independently, just by putting the names on the GPS and getting there easily. But you will need at least hire the tours if you want to get to the natural pools.

Do you want to go on a totally independent scheme without a car?
Well, the beach in the main village is not so beautiful and you will not want to miss the attractions of Maragogi, which are scattered throughout the region.

So, consider hire a buggy ride. But if you are really going to stay in the main village or stay there, rest assured: from Praia da Main village also runs tours to the natural pools.

There are also vans that make trips on the beaches from the center of Maragogi.
From the center of Maragogi there are vans that pass by the beaches. They work as public transport and tickets cost around R $ 5 per person.

It is good to know that these drives do not always pass in front of the sea. Sometimes it will be necessary to walk from the drop point for about ten minutes to get to the sand.

The famous Buggy ride

Should you decide to hire a buggy ride? It will be possible to visit several beaches in the same day. A buggy can fit 4 people and the day trip is around R $ 300. Good idea for families as well as for friends who split the price of the tour.
Buggy rides can be hired easily. There are several agencies, inns and buggies that offer this type of service over there. Before closing a deal, it is recommended to combine: price, departure time, duration of the tour, beaches you want to visit and stopping time

Discover the tourist attractions of Maragogi and prepare your visitation

Manatee Sanctuary

Stay in Porto de Pedras, in the locality of Tattoo. It is a visiting area for observation tourism within the Marine Life Conservation Zone.

There you will meet the manatee, the star of Porto de Pedras, charismatic and docile marine mammal of about 300 kilos that swims by these waters and by the Tatuamunha River, which flows through the region. It is threatened with extinction.

There are only 500 on the Brazilian coast. Those who pass through here are cared for and monitored by the staff of the Alagoas Manatee Project. From Maragogi it is possible to go on a buggy ride along the coast to Porto de Pedras to get to know the animal up close.

Buggy leave the beach in front of Salinas Resort and go to Japaratinga, where you can take a ferry to Porto de Pedras. From there, an easy trail with narrow bridges over rivers crosses an exuberant mangrove.

Fifteen minutes later, it is time to get on a raft and follow the Tatuamunha River to reach where the manatees are. But in silence: they like tourists and sometimes appear only for seconds on the surface, but they are easily scared and can get away.

Not infrequently, they give the air of grace with the snout on the raft. The work developed by the Peixe-Boi Project in Alagoas went far beyond observation tourism.

Created about ten years ago, it exists to protect the animal from disorderly visitation and the dangers of predatory hunting. In this true sanctuary, they are treated and finally released after a chip is implanted to accompany them on their travels along the Brazilian coast.

The association is maintained with the income from the tours to contemplate the manatee, members' fees and the sale of souvenirs. It is possible to make this visitation as a  round-trip from Maragogi. It is open every day, but it is necessary to scheduling. It makes it much easier to hire an agency to take care of the entire tour. One that has a lot of experience in this attraction is the Patacho Receptive.

Welsh, Taocas And Natural Pools In Barra Grande

Are the reefs where crystalline crystals are formed natural pools of Maragogi, where you can swim among the fish and even take a photo under the water. They are the main attraction of Maragogi and one of must-see tours in Alagoas.

The tour is not included in the daily rates of large resorts, but normally these places already have the entire structure organized to put tourists on a trip to the natural pools.

For those who are staying outside of them, there are agencies that do the tour. There are also tour vendors on the central beach, on the beach in front of the Salinas resort and on Barra Grande beach. How much it costs: calculate between R $ 75 and R $ 120 per person.

* If you don't have a snorkel, you can rent one for around R $ 15.

** In some boat trips there is an offer of scuba diving (about R $ 100) and photographic session (about R $ 60).

*** The difference between Galés, Taocas and Barra Grande Natural Pools: they are all natural pools. What sets them apart is the location. The Welsh are the most famous.


It is a sand bank that advances from the beach to the natural pools of Praia de Barra Grande. It got its nickname because it forms a path that you can walk on foot when the sea passes through there during low tide. 


Way of Moses #North East #maragogi #alagoas

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The Caminho de Moisés is one of the main tourist attractions in Maragogi. Who chooses visit the natural pools of Barra Grande you can already enjoy and get to know both attractions in the same tour.

It is only necessary to remember that the Way of Moses is not always there due to the movement of the tide, which is very low in the first moments of the morning. Avoid making the journey without knowing the behavior of the tide.

            CRUISE VIEWPOINT_It is inside a pousada, which charges a symbolic ticket for visitation and reveals a beautiful view over Maragogi.

            AQUATIC BIKE TOUR_Super cool option to enjoy the sea, bicycles with buoys are very easy to handle and do not require much effort. O rent is available at Praia da Barra Grande (R $ 40) and Ponta do Mangue (R $ 30) for 30 minutes.

A nice tip is that the water bike can be a arrival option at the pools, naturalBut attention: as the place is a protected area (APA), it is only possible to do this with the accompaniment of the authorized guides who accompany those who acquire the Water Bike Expedition (R $ 120 for 2 hours). This is one of the most disputed tours of Maragogi. And you have to to arrive very early because of the low tide.

The beaches of Maragogi

Burgalhau Beach

Close to the main village, about 4 km away, it has coconut trees, green and transparent sea, stalls by the sea. There is also a buggy ride through the sands and a banana boat ride. There is a support point on this beach, which is the day use from Pontal do Maragogi to R $ 30 offering a complete structure: hammocks, baby changing facilities, swimming pool for adults and children, restaurant, bars, showers, air-conditioned bathrooms, cafeteria and shops.

Pontal do Maragogi, in addition to day-use, offers catamaran trips to the natural pools. Burgalhau beach has a self-service restaurant, but the prices may be a little higher than the restaurants furthest from the beach.
How to get there: by car, in 10 minutes from the main village; if walking, about 4 km.

Barra Grande Beach

That's where the Way of Moses, a stretch of sand that appears at low tide right in the middle of the sea. The natural spectacle is a path that starts at the water's edge, on the beach, and continues for a few kilometers into the sea. It is only necessary to remember that the Way of Moses disappears depending on the movement of the tide.

So, a care there is to avoid making the journey without knowing the behavior of the tide.  Barra Grande Beach also has natural pools and to visit them there organized tours. It is good for those who want spend the day in comfort. It has stalls and restaurants on the sand.
How to get there: 12 minutes by car from the center.
How much it costs: there is no charge to park on the streets of Barra Grande. 

Xareu_Receives less tourists because access is not easy, that is, there is no access for cars. But it is an opportunity to be in a super peaceful place.
How to get there: walking from Praia de Antunes or Ponta do Mangue.

Antunes Beach_One of the most beautiful and wildest beaches in Maragogi. Usually deserted, it has an extensive range of coconut palms. Residents offer snacks, but it is recommended to go prepared if you want to spend the day there. 
How to get there: by car in about 15 minutes from the center of Maragogi.
How much it costs: parking around R $ 15.


Barra Grande Beach - Maragogi #alagoas

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Ponta do Mangue Beach_Near the center, it is quiet and has sections with kiosks. It brings together all the best of Maragogi. Blue-green sea, coconut trees, reefs and natural pools.
How to get there: in 15 minutes by car.

Peroba Beach
_Almost on the border with the State of Pernambuco is one of the most empty beaches in Maragogi. How to get there: by car in about 20 minutes.

Gastronomic experiences in Maragogi

Alagoas cuisine is also part of the travel experiences in Maragogi. The destination has both fine restaurants and affordable establishments to make a beautiful meal with dishes and ingredients typical of the region.

Also part of the local gastronomy is the Gum Cake, a biscuit similar to the sequilho, but made with manioc flour and coconut milk.

The delicacy is easily found in several establishments in Maragogi, but on some buggy rides, the visit to the houses where gum cake is made is included.

There are several restaurants in the center, in addition to those located in inns and some restaurants on the sand, with large portions and a beach meal.

Among the best known and preferred restaurants by tourists are the Restaurant Casa da Praia, at Barra Grande Beach, which has several environments, as well as a structure to meet those on the beach and the beach. Meraki beach. Most dishes at the destination serve two people and start with prices around R $ 90.

For those tired of seafood, Tua Casa Hamburgueria e Petiscaria serves artisanal hamburgers and special sauces from the house. It is by the sea, at Praia Ponta do Mangue, and also functions as a bar with an extensive menu of drinks. 

For a quick and simple snack, Martha's Tapiocaria is famous for its fillings.

Does Marragogi have a bad side?

Of course, every place has its points of attention.
To give a voice to everyone, follow someone who didn't like it that much.

Much of what he went through, I did too, and I went in December.