How to get to Maragogi, The wonderful Brazilian Caribbean

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How to get to Maragogi, The wonderful Brazilian Caribbean

How to get Maragogi (alagoas)

 In this small and beautiful state of northeastern Brazil, Maragogi emerges as a treasure in the heart of Costa dos Corais, a region where 130 kilometers of reefs live in a sea of ​​warm waters, crystal clear natural pools, dense coconut trees and diverse fauna - from colorful fish to fish- ox.

The destination has become popular in recent decades with tourists crossing the approximately 140 kilometers of road coming from Maceió or Recife - Maragogi is between the two cities. But the quiet has not gone away. It is still possible to forget about life and enjoy the holidays there without hitting the dreaded scene of umbrellas dominating the sand. 

The main ports of entry to Maragogi (and Costa dos Corais) are the airports of the capitals Maceió (Alagoas) and Recife (Pernambuco). The two airports are connected to the entire region by transfer services, car rental companies, buses and even taxi.

How to get to Maragogi from Recife airport

Going by car

In addition to comfort, those who drive by have independence to visit the beaches of the region at the pace they want and on their own. It is possible to rent cars and pick them up at the airport.

By car from Recife airport to Maragogi it takes about two hours to travel Porto de Galinhas passing through Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Tamandaré, Barreiros and São José da Coroa Grande by PE-060.

The road has some duplicated stretches and others with a single lane. The route will be made by PE-060 and BR-101. There are a lot of curves and when passing through some cities, there are electronic spines. On the state line the highway changes its name to AL-101.

By bus

There are two companies as an option to go by bus from Recife to Maragogi leaving from the Recife bus station. One is the Real Alagoas , which usually makes the trip Recife-Maceió passing through Maragogi.

Buses from Progress leave both the bus station and pass in front of the airport. But the buses do not go straight to Maragogi, but to two nearby cities: Barreiros (PE) or São José da Coroa Grande (PE), which are close to the border with Alagoas and where there are vans to Maragogi.

For information on schedules and prices, Progresso's number is 0800 766 9000.

How to get from the airport to Recife bus station.

It is just over 18 km, depending on traffic, between the airport and the bus station in Recife. You can go from taxi ou Uber on a route that should take about half an hour depending on traffic. You can also use the subway. At Recife airport there is a walkway to Aeroporto Airport.

(At the time of obtaining this information, the sale of bus tickets was suspended due to caution regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. It is worth checking the information before going)


Specialized transfer companies make the Recife-Maragogi route

departing from the airport. For more precise information, prices and other details, consult agencies such as: Blue Coast ou Luck, for example. Just hire a company in advance and you will be waited on arrival at the airport by someone with a sign with your name. Prices are around R $ 190 per person in shared transfer.

Advantage of going by transfer from Recife to Maragogi

You don't have to worry about the road, as companies take the Recife-Maragogi route daily and know the route well. Prices are attractive, especially if you are traveling as a family.


It is not the best option, since it is difficult to find an Uber that accepts to make the trip to Maragogi. The value of the race may not pay off compared to other modes of transport

By taxi

For those who were unable to plan trip details in advance, this may be an alternative, although finding an available driver is not always easy. Expect to spend around R $ 300,00 for the taxi service from Recife to Maragogi.

How to get to Maragogi from Maceió airport

By car

It is possible to rent cars and pick them up at the airport. By car from the airport of Maceió to Maragogi it takes about two hours. The road along the way may have flaws in the road, so it’s worth driving carefully.

By bus

A Real Alagoas, which makes the Maceió-Recife route passing through Maragogi, leaves the bus station and takes about 2h30 to travel. It is recommended to check the route schedules and lines in advance.

In addition to Real Alagoas buses, between Maceió and Maragogi operate vans and minibuses leaving the bus station and traveling in drip-drip style. In that case, I hope to take 3 to 4 hours on the roada.

 (At the time of obtaining this information, the sale of bus tickets was suspended due to caution regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. It is worth checking the information before going)


There are several tour and transfer companies that make the journey between the airport of Maceió or Recife and Maragogi in private or shared vehicles.

Hire the company in advance and they will be waiting for you at the airport. It is a good option for those who do not intend to face the road while driving and want the ease of taking transportation already at the airport. Prices are attractive, especially for family members.

Attention: there are companies that make return trips from Maceió to Maragogi for around R $ 50. You can hitch a ride with them - paying, of course. But there may not be room for luggage, so check this information first. 

By taxi

It is possible to hire the service of a taxi driver to go from the airport of Maceió to Maragogi for a higher price than that charged for transfers. The advantage is having more space and comfort and even better if you can share the cost with friends.


It is not the best option to go from Maceió to Maragogi because the price is not always good and some drivers may not know the way well.

From Maceió to Maragogi by car: the beaches on the way.

For those who are car and there's more freedom of movement, it is possible to adapt the itinerary and stop halfway to see spectacular scenery and enjoy the beaches on the way.

On AL-101, if you have time, visit the Carro Quebrado Beach, famous for the cliff that makes it one of the most spectacular scenery of the Alagoas coast. It is in the municipality of Barra de Santo Antônio, about 45 km from Maceió.

The ideal way to visit Carro Quebrado Beach is to arrive in Barra de Santo Antônio and hire a buggy ride, as access is via a dirt road that is not always in good condition. Or leave to do this tour as a return from Maceió.

Pay attention to the route

Then the road goes back inland and 40 km ahead gives the possibility to enter the Ecological Route, One series of paradisiacal beaches and quiet, with coconut trees as far as the eye can see, white sand and natural pools, in the Maceió-Maragogi corridor.

It is necessary to pay attention to the signs that show the entry into Camaragibe Pass and gives Camaragibe Bar, where the route starts. There are no big resorts or stalls along the way, but several charming inns. There is also no busy nightlife or tourist centers. The climate of the Ecological Route is made up of quiet beaches.

Camaragibe Bar it is known for its coral reefs and the color of the sea. Worth visiting Marceneiro Beach. The Morro Beach also worth a visit and is on the other side of the Camaragibe River, which meets the sea.

How To Get To Maragogi Barra De Camaragibe 1
How To Get To Maragogi Barra De Camaragibe 1

Following Barra do Camaragibe will come São Miguel dos Milagres, following the coast along the AL-101 highway.

Little São Miguel dos Milagres is one of the most famous destinations on the Ecological Route in Alagoas, with almost deserted beaches, charming inns and natural pools that can be visited on raft rides (when the tide is low, see the tide table for maragogi). Sleeping in São Miguel dos Milagres can be a good option for those who travel on the Ecological Route.

Then, the route will lead to the municipality of Porto de Pedras where, in the locality of Tattoo, is the incredible manatee sanctuary, a visitation area within the Marine Life Conservation Zone.

Path that really impresses

It is also possible to make this visitation as a round trip from Maragogi, hiring an agency.

Still in Porto de Pedras, the Patacho Beach and the neighbor Laje Beach worth a visit for the crystal clear water.

Between Porto das Pedras and Japaratinga*, the route is interrupted by the Manguaba River, which can be crossed with raft(don’t be fooled, you’ve lost an hour in line). The sequence of coconut trees continues in the quiet Barreiras do Boqueirão beach and Japaratinga beach. Of viewpoint Arowana, when the weather is good, you have a beautiful view of the region. 

*Japaratinga is a separate show

And then it comes Maragogi, with the famous Galés, reefs where crystalline natural pools are formed with a rich fauna - you can swim among the fish.

From Recife to Maragogi by car: the beaches on the way.

Who to choose from drive from Recife to Maragogi, will have Cape St. Augustine 40 km as the first destination on the way. The strong there is the  Calhetas Beach zip line, which leaves the top of the hill and goes down to the sea.

Following the trip comes Porto de Galinhas, one of the most popular beach destinations in Pernambuco. The attractions are the natural pools, which you can reach with raft rides.

The beautiful beaches of High Wall, I Maracaipe and the Cup Point. Porto de Galinhas there is a town full of good restaurants e inns with varied prices.

Following PE-060, the Carneiros Beachlocated in Tamandaré, is one of the most famous in Pernambuco with the  little church of São Benedito Facing the sea. There are also lodging and restaurants there. Maragogi will be approximately 50 km via PE-060 and AL-101.

How to get to Maragogi - Praia Dos Carneiros Tamandare Alagoas
Praia dos Carneiros Tamandare Alagoas

Stay in São Miguel dos Milagres or in Maragogi?

When deciding whether you want to stay in Maragogi or São Miguel dos Milagres, consider this information.

The main attraction of Maragogi are the Galés (natural pools). Maragogi has plenty of hotels and resorts who prepare activities and tours for guests.

Salinas is the most famous resort: its all inclusive system it especially attracts families, who do not need to worry about anything besides enjoying the activities inside the resort and embark on organized tours to Galés (natural pools) and beaches in the region such as Ponta do Mangue beach, Muro Alto, the Aruanã viewpoint .

Whoever chooses to visit Maragogi in a more independent scheme, will not find the edge of the village so fascinating and will end up wanting to visit the galleys with organized tours and others beaches most beautiful places around, besides the manatee sanctuary in the Porto de Pedras area.

Yes, São Miguel dos Milagres has several options of good inns and hotels facing the beach.

It is a good place to stay if you want to be in Ecological Route, which gathers beaches of coconut trees as far as the Maceió-Maragogi corridor is concerned.

As I decided to arrive in Maragogi from the north, I preferred to stay there and then go to São Miguel.

This route will be told in detail here. I did it in 11 days and I will tell you every problem and every surprise I had on the way.

Read in the Logbook section.