Discover Ponta da Juatinga in Paraty/RJ!

Discover Ponta Da Juatinga in Paraty RJ

Discover Ponta da Juatinga in Paraty/RJ!

As a host country for a great natural diversity of flora and fauna, Brazil is a paradise for ecotourism! Ecotourism is the practice that combines the promotion of the tourist economy of regions with preservation and sustainability! This is a means of making tourism extremely high in recent years. Thus, we have prepared here several tips about this practice and where to find options throughout the Brazilian territory!

The State of Rio de Janeiro, in particular, is a great option for those looking to go hiking and other outdoor activities. Thus, following the ecotourism line, this is one of the regions with the best options, between mountains and beaches! Today, we are preparing tips about the Juatinga Reserve, located throughout the surroundings and part of the municipality of Paraty. So, follow here some curiosities and tips on what to do in the region!

Ponta Da Juatinga crossing in Paraty RJ
Ponta Da Juatinga crossing in Paraty RJ

What to do in Juatinga in Paraty?

Here we approach the Juatinga Ecological Reserve, which is a small peninsula that extends over the sea in the region also close to Ilha Grande. Thus, between beaches and peaks, this area is also home to indigenous communities and caiçaras, as well as waterfalls and stunning beaches! This is a great paradise for hikers, adventurers and ecotourism lovers!

Juatinga Lighthouse

Faro da Juatinga is a small tower that serves to guide small boats in the region. The path to it is short, starting from Praia de Martim de Sá. Other trails include this construction in the 60 km path that runs throughout the region, from Paraty Mirim to Praia do Sono!

Sugarloaf Peak

This is a trail for those in the mood! Thus, as the entire region is largely cleared by land access, so is the trail to Pico do Pão de Açúcar! This climb of about 435 meters in altitude can be covered in up to an hour. It is close to Praia do Cruzeiro and from its height it is possible to observe the region and the Saco de Mamanguá!

All the beauty of the region is impressive! So, the tip for this and other days on the trail is to be prepared and equipped with a backpack that always carries the essentials: Money, sunscreen, basic hygiene, first aid kits, sunglasses and other trekkers' utensils. That's because deviations can happen and it's always good to be prepared! Sometimes the track times can extend beyond the calculated so, no suffocation!

Main beaches in the region

If you chose to venture out for a few days in the region, you can visit the following beaches, just put them in your trails: Praia de Antiguinhos, Praia de Martim de Sá, Praia do Sumaca, Praia da Cajaíba, Praia de Itaóca, Praia de Calhaus, Praia de Itanema, Praia do Engenho and the famous Praia do Sono.

Ponta Da Juatinga Beach in Paraty RJ
Ponta Da Juatinga Beach in Paraty RJ

In addition, other options not to be missed are Pouso da Cajaíba, Vila Oratório and the beaches of Cairuçu das Pedras and Ponta Negra! If possible, visit the Saco Bravo waterfall, this is one of the best ideas! That's because the natural construction offers a freshwater waterfall on the edge of a rock by the sea! The photos are indescribable!

How to get?

To reach the different spaces available in the reserve, it is necessary to go on trails or rely on boat and speedboat transfers for local residents. So, if you choose to go hiking, you'll save money! That's because to get close to the centers that start the trails, it is possible to reach with buses or cars that will be stored in local parking lots. If you choose to travel by boat, the average is R$50 to R$100 per person. This option is great for those who don't have much experience with trails, or for those who are carrying tents and utensils and very heavy suitcases.