Discover the Festival do Sairé in Pará!

Saire Festival
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Discover the Festival do Sairé in Pará!

Vacations can be a great time to enjoy the country's cultural diversity! Brazil has a large number of religious, cultural and folk festivals spread throughout its territory!

Throughout the year you can choose dates and holidays to enjoy a break in different regions of the country! So, if that's the case, a shorter vacation is also a great option to organize a trip and enjoy the holidays.

Saire Festival in Alter Do Chao
Saire Festival in Alter Do Chao

Thus, there is a strong custom of tourists choosing commemorative dates to travel and meet festivals, learning about the local history and culture! With organization and planning, it is possible to know all the cultural diversity, typical dishes and the stories of the Brazilian territory! So, if this is your interest, take advantage of our tips about Sairé here and don't miss this great festival!

The Festival of Sairé

The Sairé Festival is a great celebration of popular festival held in Alter do Chão, in the municipality of Santarém in Pará! It is a great landmark for the population of the North of the country that celebrates several symbols of Brazilian folklore, as well as symbols of Catholic culture. The celebration takes place on the banks of the Tapajós River, in a resort town, and attracts thousands of tourists from around the country and around the world for the celebration.

Saire O Boto Festival
Saire O Boto Festival

Thus, the main attractions include: The Festival of Dolphins, a dispute between pink dolphins and the tucuxi! In addition, there are pole-raising disputes and lots of dancing and typical dishes. The festival's celebration lasts five days during the month of September and celebrates the mixture of Portuguese and indigenous peoples, as well as having references from different religious origins.

In addition to fireworks, songs and dances, the festival also celebrates, through a procession of masts, the central symbol of part of the festival: the semi-circle banner, made of twisted vine and decorated with flowers and ribbons of different colors.

The symbol carries three crosses representing the Holy Trinity and other references to God and the Holy Spirit. Thus, the festival's history is exposed through its main banner. He tells about the reception of the indigenous people to the Portuguese.

Thus, the entire festival is a way of remembering the colonization of the region and the contact between the Catholic Portuguese and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region.

Tips about Sairé

The Festival do Sairé has attractions every day and at all times. The main rituals revolve around the poles, which start the festivities. So, the first religious attraction is the Pole Quest and the last is the Knocking Down. In addition to these processions that take place over land and along rivers, there is also the Festa dos Barraqueiros and the dolphin competition at Lago dos Botos.

The main tips to prepare for the festival are: Take repellents and stay hydrated. Most festivities are popular and do not charge prices, with the exception of the dispute of botos whose access to the competition's spa requires tickets!

The entire festival has over 300 years of history, making it the oldest folk festival in the region! So, be sure to get to know and be enchanted by the great diversity, colors and typical dishes of the region! In addition to the sweets, this time of year also offers a wide variety of handicrafts prepared by the indigenous people in celebration of the festival!

Take the opportunity to discover the Alter do Chão!

In addition to the Sairé Festival, you can also enjoy your trip to the Amazon region to learn more about Alter do Chão! So, if you want other tips on what to do and how to enjoy ecologically correct tourism in the region, follow our tips here and have a good trip!