Knowing Porto Alegre through four attractions.

Four Seasons Porto Alegre
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Knowing Porto Alegre through four attractions.

When you think about a trip to Rio Grande do Sul, everyone ends up thinking of the Rio Grande do Sul mountains, the cold, Gramado and Canela, but what is worth getting to know – and a lot – is the capital of Porto Alegre.

The city has a lot of cool things to offer and its main sights are very close to the center, making the day trip enough to get to know the main places. Look.

  1. Chalet in Praça XV and Public Marked: The chalet on Praça XV, a sensational place in Porto Alegre, was inaugurated in 1885. The place itself contains a lot of history, from how it started selling ice cream until it became a reference for a bar and restaurant in the city center. Opposite the chalet, there is the public market which opened in 1869 and currently has 90 commercial establishments. In addition to restaurants, there are several stalls that sell fruits, vegetables, fish, delicacies, in general, things in bulk. A curiosity is that several stalls in the market started to adopt the numbers as a name and today they even have branches in other places in the city.
  2. The Customs Square: In this place, the 3 main museums in the city are concentrated. Santander Cultural, Rio Grande do Sul Memorial and MARGS – Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum. At Santander Cultural, it's nice to say that in addition to art shows, there are always different cultural events, there is a cinema with films from outside and from the Hollywood circuit, thus having themed cinema exhibitions from several other countries. At the Rio Grande do Sul Memorial, it's where you have all the history of the state, showing typical clothes, details of the old life and works of art from that time and some really cool curiosities; at MARGS, on the other hand, they are fixed works of art that always have temporary exhibitions. It is worth mentioning that all museums have free entry.
  3. Praça da Matriz and Mário Quintana House of Culture: The Matriz square, actually is the Marechal Deodoro square, it is named after the main church in the city, which is the cathedral. Around it are located the São Pedro theater, which is a beautiful theater, but there is no way to visit outside of show hours; the Piratini Palace, which is the seat of the state government, and is known as a meeting point for protests and political demonstrations in the city. Another must-see for those who know the center of Porto Alegre is the Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana. Formerly Majestic hotel, it is very famous and takes its name in honor of Mário Quintana, who lived there from 1968 to 1980. Today, the cultural center usually has several art exhibitions, cultural activities and has a small collection of the great Brazilian poet . On the top floor of the house, there is a bar/restaurant/cafe that has a very beautiful view of the city and is perfect at sunset.
  4. Guaíba Edge and Gasometer Plant: The gasometer plant's cultural center, as its name confirms, was a thermoelectric power plant for many years, from 1928 to 1974, becoming a cultural center in 1991. Bordered by the Guaíba River, the shore is a stage for sports practiced by local residents , in addition to having bars and attractions that make Porto Alegre's nightlife lively and lively.

Porto Alegre is an incredible and very bohemian city, making a visit essential when visiting the south of the country. Contrary to what many people imagine, the city is not only cold and when the days are hot, it becomes a totally favorable environment for walks and other attractions.