Alternative destinations: Discover the city of Budapest!

Budapest Szechenyi Chain Bridge
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Alternative destinations: Discover the city of Budapest!

Europe is a continent rich in history, culture, art, architecture and much more. Each country to be visited offers a different experience, being possible to visit in a single trip, different realities, styles and know different tourist spots.

Commonly, the western region of Europe receives a greater number of tourists, especially those who choose France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal as their destination!

Even so, Eastern Europe is also a region with different attractions! The countries of this eastern bloc offer a different style from that observed in the western half of the continent.

Among the main tourist destinations in Eastern Europe, we highlight here the city of Budapest, capital of Hungary. For those who are curious to know more about Eastern Europe, this is considered a mandatory destination!

Therefore, here are some tips and reasons to plan your trip to Budapest! We list curiosities and the main sights to put on your list of destinations!

Discover the city of Budapest!

The essence of the city of Budapest makes it an alternative tourist destination. In addition to being located in the eastern half of the European continent, in a country little known by most Brazilians, the capital of Hungary is a great destination!

The city of Budapest is actually made up of two cities: Buda and Pest. The cities are divided by the River Danube, which divides the city into two regions that follow completely different social and economic conditions!

The region west of the Danube River is half Buda and half Pest to the east. Buda concentrates most of the tourist attractions, including castles and other charming buildings to visit!

The city concentrates a cosmopolitan culture, with many influences from Russian and Oriental architecture, making the destination very interesting! In addition, it can be considered a cosmopolitan city, concentrating a large young population and, therefore, it has a lively nightlife!

What to do in Budapest?

Those who visit the city do not fail to recommend the thermal and public pools of the city! Even in winter, these are a great option for those who want to get to know and experience the local thermal pools! On days with lower temperatures are the days when the pools can be fullest!

Among other tourist destinations necessary for those visiting the city, one cannot fail to include: the Church of Sant'Anna, the Church of Mary Magdalene, the Church of St. Matthias, the Chain Bridge, the Vienna Gate and the Bastion of Fishermen.

All these itineraries can be done in up to two travel days! But, the tip is to extend your time in the city a little longer to enjoy the market streets, museums and even the tours in tourist buses, these in the hop-on/hop-off style with audio in Portuguese!

Besides, among the tours to do around the city, the tip is to visit the viewpoints! The main one is the City of the Gods Lookout, but there is also Buda Castle, with the option to lookout for the whole city and, for the Parliament in Pest.

For those who want to cross to the city of Pest, the ferry crossing can also be an incredible experience! For this and for visiting all the sights, the tip is to secure the Budapest Card, which guarantees unlimited use of public transport!

Finally, if you are traveling through Budapest, the tip is to also visit the city of Bratislava. Located 200km away, it is possible to reach the city by bus, train, car or plane! Thus, in a short trip, you will be able to visit the capital of Slovakia and its castles, and then discover another country just two hours away!