Alternative destinations: Get to know Arraial do Sana!

Arraial Do Sana RJ
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Alternative destinations: Get to know Arraial do Sana!

For those who want to practice a little ecotourism and, in addition, to discover alternative and hidden areas in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Arraial do Sana can be your ideal destination!

That's because the small village is known as Paraíso das Águas, thanks to the incredible amount, variety and beauty of waterfalls to be explored!

In addition to the country charm, the region was considered Environmental Protection Area in 2002. So, if you want to know a little more about this hidden paradise in the mountain region of Macaé, follow here our tips and have a good trip!

Main tourist attractions in Arraial do Sana: Circuito das Águas

Paraíso das Águas is the ideal place to enjoy greater contact with nature. So, for lovers of waterfalls, this is a perfect destination. The main water circuit follows a trail that leads to different waterfalls.

All the waterfalls are part of the Macaé River and, in addition to the clean waters, the riparian forest is also a special charm for those who hope to know a little more about the Atlantic Forest!

As it is an environmental protection area, there is a charge of R $ 10,00 per person to enter the Water Circuit, which gives access to all the waterfalls listed below!

Escorrega Waterfall

This is the ideal waterfall for children! With a great formation in stone with flowing and calm water, the fun here is to slide down the stone! This is also the easiest waterfall to access, being the closest to hostels and campsites available in the region.

7 Falls Falls

For those who wish to relax and enjoy the waters in short and free falls, this waterfall guarantees a good experience. With seven falls distributed in a short height and that look more like a staircase! In summer it is certainly one of the most crowded, but it is worth knowing!

Pai Waterfall

This is one of the waterfalls with an option both to relax next to your well and for those who wish to venture out of their 16 meter high fall.

Mother Waterfall

The Cachoeira da Mãe has a drop of 12 meters and is one of the most sought after by tourists. In summer it is also one of the most crowded and certainly the favorite of those who already know the place!

Son Waterfall

Still on the route of the Water Circuit, after the Mãe Waterfall it is possible to access this waterfall. With a well and a slightly more dangerous descent, it is not recommended for the less experienced or children.

Roncadeira Waterfall

For those who wish to take a risk on a trail of greater difficulty, the Roncadeira waterfall is another option! With 80 meters of drop, it is the one reserved for the greatest adventurers!

 Butterfly Well and Grotto Well

For those who prefer slightly calmer waters and, who wish to stop for sunbathing or having a quick snack, both wells are ideal! Located following the trail just after Cachoeira do Escorrega, it can be accessed by all ages!

What to do in Arraial do Sana?

In addition to the various waterfalls to be enjoyed during the day, the small Arraial also offers night activities. It is common to have several dance and music festivals in Arraial! The tip is to get the dates for the Sana Reggae Festival or, for the classic Forró do Sana! So, in addition to enjoying the day, the night can also be lively!

It is also possible to carry out other activities such as: bird watching, cycling in the downhil style and rafting in boats!

In addition, a classic leisure reference in Arraial is Pedra Peito de Pombo! For those who trek through the waterfalls of Pai, Mãe, 7 Quedas and Escorrega, at the end of the route you will find the route to climb to the stone of Peito do Pombo!

The total route for this trekking is approximately 7 hours (round trip) and 1.300 m of altitude, therefore, a good physical preparation is important.

All Arraial do Sana Waterfalls

The Trilhando channel made the video showing in detail. You can check it out below.

How to get to Arraial do Sana?

The small district has the main entrance through the city of Casimiro de Abreu. Thus, for those arriving from the state capital, the distance is equivalent to 165km.

It is preferable to reach Arraial by car, but for those traveling by bus, just reach the city of Casimiro de Abreu and from the city's central bus station, look for the bus to Sana. Bon Voyage!