Tourism tips: Itaúnas/ES

Itaúnas ES
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Tourism tips: Itaúnas/ES

For those who want to know one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Espírito Santo, the tip is to set aside at least one weekend to enjoy Itaúnas! And when we say Itaúnas, that includes the beach, the village, the dunes and the State Park! The region is on the border between the State of Espírito Santo and Bahia and brings together the best of both worlds! Want to know more about why not stop checking out this landscape? Follow our tips here and have a nice trip!

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Panoramic photo in the Dunes of Itaúnas/ES

Itaúnas State Park

The Itaúnas State Park is an environmental protection base that protects the region's environments, including the dunes, mangroves, Restinga and the Atlantic Forest. The Park has approximately 25km of beachfront, including the beaches of Itaúnas and Riacho Doce. In addition, it covers a total of 3.481 hectares and is recognized by UNESCO as an area of ​​environmental protection for preserving the Atlantic Forest. Thus, it is recognized as a Natural Heritage of Humanity. No wonder the Park is the most visited in the state!

In addition, the Park has a base for the Tamar Project that, during the months of December to February, offers tourists the possibility of following the opening of turtle nests located in the region. So, if you are going to book your trip for these months, be sure to look for more information about Projeto Tamar.

Itaúnas Dunes

The Dunas de Itaúnas are one of the postcards of the region! The tip is to enjoy the sunrise that appears every day at sea, throughout the year. So, if you want to catch a flawless view from the top of golden sand dunes, this is certainly the right place to start your day!

From Vila de Itaúnas, it takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to walk and climb the Dunes. Wake up early and you won't regret it! Some dunes can reach 30 meters in height, but they do not require much effort. Many visitors and tourists compare it to the dunes of Jericoacoara, so just imagine the beauty of the place!

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Sunrise in the Dunas de Itaúnas, January 2022

Itaúnas beach

If you are going to visit the region of Itaúnas, you will definitely pass by Praia das Dunas de Itaúnas! Both the dunes and the beach are perhaps the main tourist spot to visit. No wonder she is the one who gives the region its name!

Itaúnas beach has a wide stretch of sand (approximately 30 meters) and extends along the coast. It has a fine golden sand, worthy of movie landscapes! It is located within the Itaúnas State Park and, therefore, is an environmental preservation area.

For those who enjoy walking, it is possible to visit Praia do Riacho Doce, which also belongs to the preservation area and is located on the border of the State with Bahia! It's worth it because the space is extremely clean and well maintained, in addition to offering a beach look like little seen.

A little further (about 20 km) it is possible to find beaches on the Bahia side: the Costa Dourada. If you want to know more about the cliff beaches and bars on the shore, be sure to access our exclusive post about it!

Vila Itaúnas

If you want to know and enjoy the tourist attractions of Itaúnas, the tip is to stay in Vila de Itaúnas itself. The information center and the entrance to the Itaúnas State Park are located there. Vila de Itaúnas is located in the rural area of ​​Conceição da Barra, north of the coast of the State.

The village offers accommodation and camping for travelers, as well as a good infrastructure of bars and restaurants, parking, etc. Despite being simple, it is extremely welcoming and will certainly make you want to come back!

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