Tourism Tips: Meet Ibitipoca!

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Tourism Tips: Meet Ibitipoca!

For nature lovers, adventurers and curious about the fauna, flora and beautiful landscapes, the village of Conceição da Ibitipoca is certainly a special place to visit! Located in the municipality of Lima Duarte, in the interior region of the state of Minas Gerais, it offers many options for those who want to enjoy a rural and peaceful climate. This is an exciting place and will certainly please those who want to experience contact with nature and guarantee breathtaking views!

So, here are some tips for your tourism to Ibitipoca!

What to do in Ibitipoca?

Despite being a small village, Ibitipoca won the hearts of many Brazilian and foreign tourists! Ibitipoca State Park is certainly the main attraction for travelers! In addition to the natural beauties, the park guarantees a good infrastructure with a Visitors Center prepared to receive tourists, as well as a restaurant and shops for food and sale of handicrafts and souvenirs.

In addition, the park also offers drivers and guides for the routes to ensure the safety of visitors! It is also possible to organize a visit schedule through the park's website, to ensure your presence, as the park has an entry limit, with only 1.200 people per day.

We list below the main routes for those who wish to visit the park!

Water Circuit

Cachoeira Da Pedra Furada Ibitipoca

The Circuito das Águas is the shortest trail listed as an attraction in the park. With a journey time of 5 hours over a distance of 5 km. It is considered a route of low or medium difficulty and offers viewpoints and greater safety for tourists, being suitable for older people or for those traveling with children. Along the trail you will find the following attractions: Prainha, Gruta dos Gnomos, Lago das Miragens, Ponte de Pedra, Cachoeira dos Macacos, Paredão Santo Antônio, Prainha das Elfas, Lago Negro, Ducha and Lago of the Mirrors!

Pion Circuit

The Pião Circuit is 10km long and can be covered in six hours. It is a circuit with the highest number of climbs, being considered a medium level. Attractions include: Monjolinho, Gruta do Pião, Pico do Pião, Gruta dos Viajantes, Cachoeira do Encanto, Poço do Campari and Pedra Furada!

Sky Window Circuit

The main postcard for Ibitipoca Park is certainly in this Circuit! It can be considered the longest route in the park, reaching a total of 16 km! It includes the Window of Heaven, a point in the park with a spectacular view! In addition, the trail includes: O Pico do Cruzeiro, Gruta da Cruz, Lombada, the highest point in the park with 1784 meters, Gruta dos Fugitivos, Gruta dos Três Arcos, Gruta do Moreiras, and Cachoeirinha!

When to visit Ibitipoca?

The tip for those who want to include the small village and the Ibitipoca State Park is to look for the months with less rain: Between April and September! But beware: If you choose to travel in winter, be prepared because the cold of the Ibitipoca mountains can be harsh for the less prepared!

Complete guide to Ibitipioca

Guide taken from the youtube channel “Comics, Toys & Travels”

Other attractions in Ibitipoca:

For those who want to find something beyond the park, the tip is to visit the region between the months of July and August and enjoy the Ibitipoca Jazz Festival and the Ibitipoca Blues. In addition, the month of October guarantees the Sabores da Serra festival, which is also a great opportunity to have other events in the region to make the most of the trip!