Tips from Rio: Flinstones Academy

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Tips from Rio: Flinstones Academy

For residents, visitors and the curious, the city of Rio de Janeiro it is an amazing place and full of options to have fun. For those who want to visit parks, beaches, fairs, shopping centers and other tourist attractions, there is no lack of options in the wonderful city. In addition, it is also possible to combine tourism with physical exercise! A walk along the shores of Copacabana and Ipanema, a bike ride through Botafogo inlet or even up the Christ the Redeemer trail are some of the most famous options in the city!

So, for those who want to know some facts about the Rio de Janeiro, and take the opportunity to combine tourism with the practice of physical exercise, here is a tip: The Academy of Flinstones! This is an ideal option for those who want to do weight training and have the phenomenal view of the Rio de Janeiro, in an open space.

The Flinstones Academy

The gym is located in Praia do Diabo, close to Arpoador, in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Known as Academia dos Flinstones, Academia Natural do Arpoador is a place with good gym infrastructure, with bars and dumbbells made of stone, wood, cement and scrap iron! The idea, in addition to collaborating with the reuse of materials, is to offer a free and open option for everyone!

The management of the space is collaborative, with no permanent responsible and counts on the collaboration of volunteers and sponsors interested in the idea. So, any help is welcome!

The History of the Academies of Flinsons

The space has existed since the 60s, previously occupied only by the military. In the 70s, it was opened to the public and went through ups and downs, until the arrival of Abílio Bergamini in 1992, a physical education professional and physiotherapist who sought to revitalize the space, leading activities, carrying out repairs to most structures and components and inviting more people to participate and get to know the space.

After Abílio's death in 2009, the academy remained in disuse until it was renovated and reorganized again in 2018. The new groups of organizers continue to promote the space and collaborate with the organization and cleaning, even during the pandemic period. In addition, today, it is possible to follow the activities on Instagram, just search for @arpexacademia.

The organization of the Flinstones Academy

The gym is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week and the proposal is to offer an option of space for exercising for everyone. Thus, through volunteer collaborators, the gym works every day, is organized and is kept clean in a community way among all those who wish to collaborate. It is through social networks and Whatsapp groups that those interested in helping communicate and always seek to be in agreement with the care of the space.

In fact, it is with the help of the collaborators that today the gym is in good condition: clean, painted and even counting on a sandbag for fans of fighting activities! Are you curious? Don't miss it!

Fun facts about the Flinstone Academy

In addition to this option in Arpoador, Aterro do Flamengo also has a similar version of the academy, this one located next to the Estácio de Sá monument! Both academies are also known as the “Flinstones Academy” in reference to the cartoon whose characters lived in the stone age! As the materials used are also rustic and often made of stone, this is the nickname of both spaces. Thus, in two points in the South Zone of the city, it is possible to take advantage of spaces with simple equipment and made with basic raw materials! Enjoy!