Tips for tourism in Tiradentes / MG!

MG Tiradentes

Tips for tourism in Tiradentes / MG!

Minas Gerais is one of the Brazilian states with the greatest availability of tourist styles in the country! Thus, there are options for those who want to do cultural and historical tourism, religious tourism, gastronomic tourism, ecotourism and much more! Even for the practice of astrotourism, the state of Minas Gerais is the national highlight!

Thus, even in small towns or in the capital, Belo Horizonte, it is possible to draw tourist routes that please many tastes and styles! In addition, if your interest is to know a little more about the Brazilian beauties, this is the right destination!

Throughout the state of Minas Gerais, the city of Tiradentes is certainly one of the main tourist attractions for visitors! Thanks to its great weight in the country's history, the city combines the charm of the countryside with the grandeur of the time of the Brazilian gold cycle! Thus, it is possible to discover curiosities and discover many beauties of the country's history!

Tiradentes City Of MG
Tiradentes City Of MG

This is a perfect tourist destination for all ages! Both families with children, couples, as well as elderly people can find leisure options in the city! Here are some tips for you to design your trip! So, follow our post and have a good trip!

Tips for tourism in Tiradentes: What to do in the city?

Largo das Flores

The classic city center is also the point of nightlife. The entire pavement of the city follows the pattern of this square, with large stones. Here you can find good bars and restaurants! In addition, carnival is where the blocks come down from the other streets of the city! The Largo is also where fairs for natural products and handicrafts take place!

Serra de São José

For those who want to take walks in the middle of nature, the tip is the Serra de São José. So, if you want to walk a little and discover some small waterfalls on the way. Among them are Cachoeira do Mangue and Cachoeira do Bom Despacho. So, there is no reason not to venture out!

maria smoke

For those who want to take a trip on a Maria Fumaça train, the city of Tiradentes is also the ideal place! The station in Tiradentes connects to the neighboring city of São João Del Rei and is an incredible ride for all ages! There are ticket sales with round-trip discounts and half tickets for children up to 12 years old!

Pie House

For those traveling with children, this is a must-see! The architecture of Casa Torta is also a tourist attraction on the spot! In addition, the house is extremely cozy and an essential point on the trip! There is a sale of local products and a space for the reception of visitors, including a bistro, cafeteria, shops and a theater!

Museums in Tiradentes

For those who are interested in visiting museums, the city also has a great offer for different tastes! The tip is the Motorcycle Museums, the Automobile Museum of Estrada Real and the Sant'Ana Museum. Thus, it is possible to visit historical vehicles or, a little of the sacred art of the region! Must-see!

Postman Trail

In the Serra de São José itself, this is the most famous trail! So, for those who want to venture a little on trails through the region, the Postman Trail is a great option! This is a tour with great climbs and therefore, there is a need for preparation and proper clothes! But it is an ideal destination for Ecotourism lovers!

Other special tips:

The city of Tiradentes also offers many options for handicrafts! In particular, there are tapestries, clothes and decorative items forged in iron!

In addition, for those who want to find good prices, the tip is to visit the neighboring village of Vitoriano Veloso, also known as Bichinho. If you are driving, it is worth knowing and finding pieces for decoration, bedding, bath and table items, wooden furniture and much more!

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