Tips on the day of Our Lady of Aparecida!

Day of Our Lady of Aparecida Holiday
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Tips on the day of Our Lady of Aparecida!

The Feast of Our Lady Aparecida

Religious tourism is one of the main factors in promoting the tourist economy in several cities across the country. At various times of the year, the country moves on account of feasts of patrons and saints. Furthermore, Christmas is also the most important commemorative date and it is also religious!

That's because Brazil has a strong Catholic culture! This culture is reflected in the large number of churches spread across all regions. In addition, the country's calendar has many dates declared as national holidays. These dates are a great option for shorter trips around the country!

Among the various religious holidays in Brazil, one of the most important is the feast of Nossa Senhora Aparecida! The history of the saint and the holiday on October 12th make this date a special day and much celebrated by Brazilians. If you want to know more about this festive date, follow our tips below and have a good trip!

Tips on the religious holiday

The religious holiday of Nossa Senhora Aparecida coincides with the commercial holiday of Children's Day. Thus, it is common for families to take the opportunity to travel on this holiday, escaping the routine. Furthermore, for the Catholic faithful, this date is also even more special. This is because the day of Our Lady of Aparecida is also celebrated!

The day of Nossa Senhora Aparecida is celebrated especially in the city of Aparecida, in São Paulo! That's because the city is home to the imposing Cathedral and Basilica dedicated to Nossa Senhora Aparecida!

Thus, it is in this splendid Basilica that the faithful of Brazil and the world can see the image of Our Lady of Aparecida more closely. Furthermore, the encounter of the image on the banks of the Paraíba River in the XNUMXth century makes this date even more special.

The story of the capture of the image by three fishermen makes the celebration even more special. The story tells that when the fishermen cast the net they first find the statue's body, and then the head. And for this reason, it is on the day of the patron saint that the main activity in the Basilica takes place!

Thus, every October 12th, masses are held at different times and in honor of the patron saint. The festival attracts a large number of faithful and is one of the most beautiful Catholic celebrations in the country.

So, if you want to take a trip on the 12th of October, this could be a great option! The Basilica's space has excellent infrastructure and can accommodate faithful of all ages. Even children can be enchanted by the beauty of the place!

How to get to the city of Aparecida?

To get to the city of Aparecida, in the interior of the State of São Paulo, it is possible to travel mainly by land. There are a wide variety of bus travel options that drop visitors into the city. In addition, caravans with tourists from all over the country are common. When this is the case, the Basilica's own parking lot can accommodate travel buses.  

Car travel is also a great option. The onsite parking is secure and you may find it comfortable to travel in your own vehicle or a rental vehicle. For those who wish to reach the city of Aparecida by air, unfortunately the closest airport is the city of São Paulo, which is approximately 320 km away! Good holiday!

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