Ecotourism in Pico da Caledônia / RJ!

Peak of Caledonia RJ
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Ecotourism in Pico da Caledônia / RJ!

The State of Rio de Janeiro is a region with several geographical accidents, well known as Mar de Morros! The different chains of hills and mountains make beyond the city of Rio de Janeiro, other cities also offer ecotourism options with incredible landscapes in the state! Today, we separate a tip in the city of Nova Friburgo: The Peak of Caledonia! Do you want to know more information about it? Check out our tips here!


The Pico da Caledônia trail is a great highlight of the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro! Pico is located between the cities of Nova Friburgo and Cachoeiras de Macacu, in the Parque Estadual dos Three Peaks! It is one of the highest peaks in the Serra do Mar region, reaching an altitude of 2219 meters in altitude! Thus, this type of trail is characterized as trekking or mountaineering, as it is a hike that requires long climbs through the woods.

One of the greatest attractions for this trail is the privileged view of several cities and regions in the state of Rio de Janeiro. From its height it is possible to see cities in the Baixada Fluminense, the capital itself and other beach regions as Cabo Frio and Araruama on open days! It is a spectacular experience.

In addition to the view, the park allows the discovery of regions of the Atlantic Forest. The complete round trip can take between 5 and 7 hours and its entire length is about 15.820 meters. It is an extensive hike with camping options for those who want to extend the tour a little further! For nature lovers, this is a great opportunity to visit regions outside the capital's urban center and which also offer good infrastructure!

There are good restaurants, hotels, hostels, campsites and inns at the foot of the mountains. Thus, you can stay at your discretion how you want to make the visit! The main tip is to look for travel or excursion packages to Pico. These may include parts of the transfer in addition to food and accommodation for those interested in knowing more about the region!


The first tip for Pico da Caledônia is to do the trail in group! As it is a longer extension and in a long walk, the individual route is not recommended. So, book with groups of friends or look for companies that organize groups with guides for the trail! That way, you can guarantee greater security and tranquility during your experience!

Sunrise In Pico_do_Caledonia Situated In Tres Picos State Park
Sunrise At Pico do Caledonia Situated In Tres Picos State Park

In addition, despite the height, it is a trail with medium to heavy difficulty level. Thus, even people with low fitness will be able to make the journey. Still, it is important that people with breathing or circulation problems are aware of the physical effort required by the trail. If in doubt, consult your doctor before starting your adventure!

 For the walk it is important to bring water, snacks, insect repellent and sunscreen. In addition, it is always recommended to wear light and comfortable clothes in addition to appropriate sneakers. As it is a mountainous region, we also recommend taking cut-type jackets, seeing that they are light and can help moments of cold fog or altitude.


The base of the trail is located in the region of Nova Friburgo known as Cascatinha. In a square you can find the starting path with the guardhouse and a cobbled section. You can reach the location by bus or car. For those who wish to travel by car, we recommend extra attention to the track.

The ascent of the mountain has winding curves that demand a lot of attention and are considered dangerous, especially to those with little experience or knowledge of the area. So, carry out tests on the brake car mainly and if necessary, make stops on the route!