Ecotourism in Brazil: Discover Alter do Chão!

Alter Do Chao Ecotourism
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Ecotourism in Brazil: Discover Alter do Chão!

Alter do Chão, the beaches of the Amazon.

Ecotourism is a strong trend in Brazil and a great option for those seeking leisure with ecological awareness! It is possible to do tourism in different ways and in many parts of the country respecting balance and sustainability. So, if you want to know about ecotourism options, here we offer special tips on how to venture in a sustainable way! In addition, the tips here are valid for tourists of all ages!

Today, we present the tip for those who want to know the natural paradise of Alter do Chão! So, if you want tips on what to do, how to prepare and how to get to Alter do Chão, follow our text here and get ready for the adventure!

Ecotourism in the Amazon!

One of the main adventures in Alter do Chão is to search for trails that lead to discovering samaúma, a tree known as the mother of the Amazon. Thus, there are options for trails in the Tapajós National Forest that allow you to get to know a tree that is over one thousand and one hundred years old! In addition, it has a diameter of approximately 60 meters. 30 people are needed to hug the tree! Other native trees are jatobás and rubber trees.

To search for birds and trees it is possible to do several trails with guides that offer this type of tourism. There are short easy trails and others of medium level lasting about three hours. So, it's up to you to choose the best option according to your interest!

What to do in Alter do Chão?

The Alter do Chão region is located in Pará, northern Brazil, and is bathed by the Tapajós river. The best part of sustainability at Alter do Chão is the possibility of collaborating with families that depend on tourism income. Thus, the economy of the region is basically family-friendly and therefore the option of ecotourism is very welcome!

In addition to the trails, it is also possible to perform activities such as tree climbing and abseiling in the region! It can then be a great option for family trips! For this type of tourism, the main tip is Serra do Carauari!

The main tourist spots in the region are Ilha do Amor, a postcard of the city that only appears between the months of August and December. Besides it, Lago Verde, Serra da Piraoca, and the communities of Maguari and Jamaraquá also offer options of diverse nature and rich in fauna and flora, in the heart of the Amazon! It is impossible not to fall in love!

Ecotourism Praia Do Alter Do Chao PA
Ecotourism Praia Do Alter Do Chao PA

Other tourist options are the beaches bathed by rivers. These are known in the region as Pontas, and among these options we highlight the Pontas do Muretá and Cururu, Ponta de Pedras and Ponta do Jari! These are peaceful options and can please families and couples looking for tranquility of natural diversity! Ponta do Jari, for example, can only be accessed by boat, while Ponta do Muretá and Cururu are more isolated options. If you are looking for comfort and good kiosk services, the tip is Ponta de Pedras!

How to prepare for tourism in Alter do Chão?

Alter do Chão is located in the middle of the Amazon, so the first and most important tip is to prepare for the heat and for possible insect bites. So, always have water on hand to stay hydrated, repellent and even allergy free! Sunscreen may also be welcome.

Finally, if you are already in the region and want to know more about the local culture or look for options of tourist guides, the tip is to look for Praça Sete de Setembro! There, it is the center of the small region and then, you can find handicrafts, bars, musical performances and you can find out about tourist guides present in the region!

How to get to Alter do Chão?

To reach Alter do Chão you can take a flight to Santarém, whose airport receives flights from other state capitals in Brazil. In addition, the option is to travel by car, or even by boat, from Manaus or Belém!