New Year parties? What to do? UPDATED 2020

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New Year parties? What to do? UPDATED 2020

The end of the year is happily synonymous with holidays for most Brazilians! Despite the current Pandemic of the New Corona Virus and all the concerns regarding social distance, it is true that tourism is gradually returning to activities in the country! So, if you want to find tips on what to do in your recess, follow our tips here!

What to do at the end of 2020?

Although the theme is travel, safety comes first! So, it is necessary to search for accommodations, cities and spaces that allow the fulfillment of social distance measures. In addition, the use of masks is also essential for tourism to remain comfortable and safe for everyone!

With all this in mind, it is notable that most Brazilians want to use this holiday period to relax! In addition, with the heat, beaches and rivers end up being a great choice for those who want to enjoy and celebrate the past year. These choices can guarantee comfort and tranquility in addition to safety! That's because, choosing tourist options that avoid large crowds is your best decision!

Thus, open spaces are the main way you will find to enjoy the year without much stress. For this, it is important to look for tourist destinations that are being less sought after for this end of year. Have you ever thought of spending time in the countryside, in small towns or villages, or even a little away from big cities! Search and take your pick!

How do I plan my 2020-2021 vacation?

Are you worried about what to do on the holidays of 2020 and 2021 because of the Pandemic? To help you on this mission, we recommend searching for Ecotourism options!

If you have never heard of it, ecotourism is a tourist practice that involves cultural and natural heritage and that promotes preservation and sustainability! Many tourist destinations for ecotourism include open spaces and less crowded! So, this is a valuable tip that can guide your travel searches in this pandemic!

Some national destinations that may be on your travel route for this holiday season are: Jericoacoara, Alter do Chão and Bonito. So, if you want to know more information about these sights, we recommend that you visit our pages with important tips for each one!

We also recommend other destinations such as: Porto de Galinhas (FOOT), Salvador (BA) and Florianópolis (SC)! All of these destinations must be planned following the instructions of the World Health Organization and the protocols for safety and health due to the current Pandemic of the New Corona Virus! So, if you want to plan your trip with the necessary precautions and some tips, follow our post below:

Other important tips!

We also suggest that you pay attention to the health rules of the city to which you will travel! It is possible that the store is working at different times, and may close before you are used to it! Or, it can also happen that commercial establishments such as bars and restaurants are acting with different rules! Thus, the sale of alcoholic beverages or the filling of spaces may be restricted.

So try not to get bored! This is an attitude with the intention of preserving lives! Search for information with residents, get informed and if you find it convenient, search for travel agencies that can guide you on all the protocols and pass on the most important information. Remember that the idea is to relax!

Finally, note that our tips are focused on national destinations! As you can see in our article above, it is important at this moment to give preference to national destinations. Thus, it will be possible to avoid further hassles and ensure your safety and health! So, be sure to check out our tips on Tourism in Pandemia and have a good trip!