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Cali – Confira 10 atrações na incrível cidade colombiana!

Santiago del Cali, também chamada de Cali, é uma das cidades mais importantes da Colômbia. Capital do departamento de Valle del Cauca, a cidade oferece a seus visitantes esplêndidas paisagens naturais, muita diversão e…

Cuenca Ecuador
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Cuenca – See 7 attractions in Ecuador's 3rd largest city!

Cuenca is Ecuador's third largest city in terms of population and is located within the Sierra, part of the Andes Mountains, at 2.450 meters above sea level.

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Salto – Check out 10 attractions in the 2nd largest city in Uruguay!

Salto, formerly known as Salto Oriental, is Uruguay's second largest city in terms of population and is located on the left bank of the river that bears the country's name, opposite…

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Bolivia – Itinerary with 15 places you need to know!

Bolivia is one of those destinations that offer incredible and unforgettable experiences, and, therefore, it is a country that deserves to be visited, especially by us South Americans. Landscapes change very quickly, between the…

Santa Cruz de la Sierra
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Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Top 10 attractions in the city!

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is one of the most important in Bolivia and, since the mid-1990s, the most populous. Unlike most Bolivian cities and…

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Sucre – Discover 7 incredible attractions in the Bolivian capital!

Sucre is the capital of Bolivia. When visiting it, you will feel as if you are stepping back in time: this city has kept its colonial aspect almost unchanged. In 1991, Sucre was declared a Heritage of…

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Concepción – Check out 8 amazing places in the Chilean city!

Concepción is the capital of the VIII region of Bío Bío, one of the largest cities in Chile. Characterized by a lively and important cultural and university life, it has a remarkable cultural heritage and…

Margarita Island Venezuela
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Margarita Island – 12 Places to Visit on the Island of Venezuela!

Unmissable sites on the island of Margarita Laguna de la Restinga Stroll through the many marshes connected to the Laguna de la Restinga and get an intimate view of the abundant indigenous wildlife….

Villa La Angostura Cover
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Villa La Angostura: The paradise of the seven lakes.

Villa la Angostura is a city located in Patagonia, surrounded by lakes, rivers, forests and mountains. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country, earning the nickname of garden…

What to do in Cordoba
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Córdoba, the Argentine capital of bars.

Córdoba is a city located in the center of Argentina that offers visitors countless attractions marked by the differences between them. Adventures in the city can be found from the system…