Discover the Lavandário de Cunha/SP!

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Discover the Lavandário de Cunha/SP!

If you want to visit amazing places while traveling, the tip here is to visit the lavender plantation, located between the Paraíba Valley and the southern coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro! The site is an extensive climatic resort in the Paraíba Valley that provided the ideal climate and soil for the production of flowers!

Thus, since 2013 the space has become one of the main tourist attractions in the Vale do Paraíba region, attracting the curious and passionate about the aroma and exuberance of the extensive lavender plantation!

The area that started with a small sampling of 100 plants, now has more than 40 thousand feet, in an area equivalent to 15 football fields! The cooler climate, especially at night, and the exceptionally alkaline soil provide the ideal conditions for lavender blooming.

Planting in a rotational rhythm has flowering throughout the year, making it a great destination on your travel route!

Wedge Laundry Room

How to get to the laundry?

The lavender field is located in Boa Vista, Cunha – SP, at Km 54,7 of the SP-171 highway. This is a route that also connects to the tourist city of Paraty and therefore, you can easily include the tour to the laundry in your tourist itinerary!

For those following the Presidente Dutra highway, the BR-116, just head towards São Paulo until the city of Guarantinguetá. The exit to the laundry is on highway 171, also known as Estrada Cunha-Paraty.

For those who want to travel by bus, the tip is to leave the city of Guaratinguetá on one of the buses bound for Cunha, with daily departures!

What to do in the laundry?

The view from the vast expanse of lavender plantation is an incredible sight! Many even want to use the space for pictures of wedding books, birthdays or pregnant women! The view is really splendid, but if you are going to take professional photographs, there is a need to schedule in advance!

For visitors and curious people who want to enjoy their stay, the tip is to spend a few hours enjoying the countryside, convenience stores and the various leisure and gastronomy options!

The space offers everything from relaxing massages with lavender products to coffee and craft beer options to enjoy! Thus, it is a relaxing tour whose local infrastructure is not lacking! The space has a snack bar and a deck space next to the mansion, the laundry's main headquarters, for tourists to enjoy and have a good coffee and also taste the region's beers!

In addition, the tip is to take advantage of the various local products produced with lavender! There are cookies, ice cream, cakes, teas and more in shades of lilac and with the delicious fragrance of lavender! The artisanal foods are mostly also locally produced and delight everyone, as you will hardly find a pine and lavender cake anywhere else!

What to find in the laundry?

In addition to the food and beverage options to enjoy, the laundry also offers a shop with various lavender-based products! They are essential oils, shampoos, soaps, candles and creams of great quality and natural. Be sure to visit the local produce, you will certainly be delighted with the diversity and quality of the products!

Last but not least, the highlight of the laundry is certainly the look, the great attraction and strong point of the place! For those who want to know, the tip is to enjoy the area especially during sunset, when the extensions of the plantation become even more beautiful!

It is a pleasant tour to enjoy in every way and to take beautiful photos to take away as a souvenir! Plus, kids will definitely love it!

the entrance of the laundry room follows the price of R$10,00 per person. Seniors over 60 pay half the amount and children under 12 do not pay!

Other tips:

For those who want to stretch out on a stay in the region, the tip is the Contemplário! Located on the same road, at km KM 61,5, in Taboão, Cunha, the place offers accommodation in charming and cozy chalets. In addition, if you want to discover and observe the region in a horizon full of lavender, admission is free!