Devil's Beach Flinstones Academy
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Tips from Rio: Flinstones Academy

For residents, visitors and the curious, the city of Rio de Janeiro it's an amazing place full of options to have fun. So much for those who want to visit parks, beaches, fairs,…

Ilhas Do RIO Project Ilha Cagarras
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Ilhas do Rio Project: Discover the uninhabited islands of RJ!

O Rio de Janeiro has a curious geographic formation, contemplating mountains, lakes, rivers, bays and also many islands! Among the islands, there is still a lot to discover about some…

Impact of COVID 19 on Global Travel Distribution

Impact of COVID-19 on Global Travel Distribution

Travel Consul, the largest travel industry marketing network, has just released the results of its third survey “Impact of COVID-19 on Global Travel Distribution”, with the…

Northeastern Dances

Northeastern Dances - Meet the Top 3!

Northeastern Dances are as enchanting and famous as anywhere else in the country, mainly because of the energy they convey to those who dance. Rhythms like Frevo and Forró…

Who Invented The Airplane

Who Invented the Airplane? Dumont or the Wright Brothers?

Who Invented the Airplane? Was it Santos Dumont, a well-known Brazilian inventor from the beginning of the XNUMXth century, or was it the North Americans and the Wright brothers? Do you have any idea? The truth is that always…

Santander SX Card

Santander SX Card - What is it, how does it work and how to order?

The Santander SX Card is the old Santander Free card, now adapted and updated with new benefits that promise to improve the daily life of those who use it even further. This because…

Solidarity Airplane Program

Latam's Solidary Airplane Program helps transport vaccines

The LATAM Group's Solidarity Plane Program, well known for its free actions for the good of society, is acting again, now in favor of mass vaccination. The company released...

Plastic Tsunami

'Plastic Tsunami' surfaced on São Conrado Beach after heavy rains in RJ

A Plastic Tsunami took over São Conrado Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The excess of plastic is believed to have occurred due to the turn of the year and the…

New Year In Copacabana 2021
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New Year in Copacabana - UPDATED 2021

This year, with the New Corona Virus Pandemic, some big changes will take place. That's because the year 2020 was marked by Covid-19 and, with the intention of saving lives,…

Chile Frontiers Reopened

Borders in Chile are reopened to tourists this week!

Borders in Chile are gradually being reopened. Hello how are you? Had a trip scheduled to Chile and had to postpone it? This was the reality of thousands of Brazilians this…