Things to do in Cabo Frio? Shopping tips!

What to do in Cabo Frio
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Things to do in Cabo Frio? Shopping tips!

Cabo Frio it is a great tourist destination for those looking to find paradisiacal beaches and good infrastructure! Located just 80km from the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the city is the seventh oldest in Brazil and for that reason alone, it is worth your visit! In addition to these reasons, there are other reasons to attract the city, such as the inviting prices.

We have prepared separate tips here in some of the main regions of the city. They are: The city center, the famous Rua dos Biquínis and the Praia do Forte Handicraft Fair. So, if you want to make the most of your time in the city to go shopping, be sure to first take advantage of our tips here!

What to buy at the Cabo Frio?

The city center, like any other urban center, offers many options for residents mainly. Thus, repair houses, supermarkets and other utility stores are in the region. However, the tip is to look for small clothing stores! There are many options for inviting prices in the region, so it's worth taking a look.

In addition, if you want to find clothes for "beach outings", such as dresses and sarongs, in the center you can find lower prices than those offered at Rua dos Biquínis! In addition, the center is full of galleries with many shops that are sometimes present only in the region! So, if you want to diversify your wardrobe, you can find unmissable and unique pieces here!

Rua dos Biquínis - Bairro da Gamboa

Bairro da Gamboa is the apple of the eye when it comes to swimwear! Here, an entire promenade is dedicated to beach fashion, which makes shopping very inviting! There are many options of brands, stores and each with prints and models of bikinis, swimwear and swimsuits for all ages, types and tastes! It is impossible to leave this space without finding your ideal piece!

One of the great differentials of Rua dos Biquínis is also its opening hours. This usually extends beyond business hours, for example, to stores in the city center! Anyway, we recommend that you do a brief search beforehand so as not to miss a trip! There are also options for snacks and ice cream in the region. Be sure to visit Cabo Frio without first going through Rua dos Biquínis!

Praia do Forte Handicraft Fair

Things to do in Cabo Frio - Praia Do Forte Handicraft Fair
Craft Fair Praia Do Forte

If you want to find handicrafts from local culture and souvenirs or gifts from Cabo Frio to take away as a souvenir, this is the right place! The Craft Fair has a great infrastructure, recently renovated and today gives an example of organization and cleanliness! There, you will be able to find several options of fridge magnets, bags, decorative items. If you want to leave the city with the trademark, be sure to observe and even try the art of tererê, a braid in the hair that is very common in beach fashion.

In addition to many shopping items, this area also offers many food and drink options! For those who want to have a quick snack and save money, there are crepes, hamburgers, potatoes, hot dogs and many other options. Cocadas are also famous in the region! Finally, there are also kiosks selling drinks, beverages and beers! It is a great area for children as it also has a playground and a skate park!

Important Note: Cabo Frio it also received a large mall with large parking and several store options. So, if your interest is to go shopping in a conventional environment, be sure to visit the Shopping Park Lagos, located between the neighborhoods of Palmeiras and Portinho.

Finally, a tip: In addition to Shopping Park Lagos, the whole region also offers kiosks by the lagoon and other options of bars and restaurants. It may also be an option to leave the car in the mall's parking lot and walk around the neighborhood of Palmeiras!