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What to do in Gramado? Part 2!

The city of Gramado is among one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the state of Rio Grande do Sul! Because it offers many tourist attractions, it is a perfect tourist route for a family vacation trip! In addition, it is a city that during Christmas is all decorated with the Christmas theme! Thus, the Christmas Luz party is the city's main program, attracting tourists from all over the country! Eat offers of music and light shows, it is a charming option for all ages.

In addition, the city of Gramado also offers options for the low season! Thus, despite receiving many tourists during November and December, in the other months of the year there are also tourist options. So, here we highlight some of these options so that you can enjoy Gramado throughout the year!

What to do in Gramado? Part 2!

Medieval Museum

For those curious about medieval history and culture, this is the right tour! The museum is located in the Castle Saint George, built in the 60s. European architecture is reproduced in detail in the construction, and it was all built by the owner! For those who want to know a little bit of medieval history, including discovering their family crests, the tip is to get to know this work by Gilberto Guzenski!

In addition, for those who want to join in the fun, the tip is to rent medieval clothes that will yield great photos! There is half a ticket for children and this could be a great opportunity to learn a little about the Middle Ages! So, don't miss it!


Minimundo's open park is an option open all year round! For all ages, the project will enchant by the miniature details of different tourist places in Brazil and the world! It is a space to discover the details of a great project! In addition, the project is always renewed, presenting new small buildings like this, there is always something new to see in the park.

For children, it is even possible to immerse themselves in children's stories and tales with characters represented in books and miniatures! This is one of the most visited tourist spots in the city so be sure to visit!

Gastronomy: Foundue options!

If you are going to visit the city during the winter, another high season, the tip is to taste the various fondue options! As the cold calls for hotter and more caloric foods, this is the time to taste it! There are options for carvery and savory fondues in several restaurants in the city. Our tip is the Colosseo! The restaurant's fondue sequence will certainly appeal to all tastes!

Other tips for restaurants for a good fondue tasting are: Chateau de La Fondue, Le Chalet de La Fondue, Maison de La Fondue restaurant, Royal Restaurant and Chateau dos Plátanos! So, there will be no shortage of options! Enjoy your food!

Other tip: Know also the city of Canela!

For visitors to Gramado, the main tip is to enjoy the region and also get to know the city of Canela! Because it is located just 9km away, it is worth it! In addition, if you want to save on stays, accommodation in this city is cheaper! Thus, it is also possible to stay in Canela and get to know Gramado during the day!

Like Gramado, this is a perfect tourist destination for families with children. In Canela, the tip is to get to know Florybal's Magic Land and the Steam World. Both thematic parties will delight children and adults alike! We also recommend the aerial cable car route from Parque da Serra and the Parque Estadual do Caracol. We try to look for schedules, prices and the possibility of excursions and tourist guides for each of the attractions.

For more tips, be sure to access the first part of our post about Lawn: What to do in Gramado? Part 1!

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