What to do in Tamandaré / PE? Part 2!

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What to do in Tamandaré / PE? Part 2!

The northeastern region of the country is certainly a paradise for package lovers: beach, sun and sea! In addition to the calm, clear and warm waters, the state of Pernambuco in particular, offers a border of beaches full of forest and many coconut trees! It is certainly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Brazil! So, if you belong to this group of lovers of the beaches, the heat and the sea, here we prepare special tourism tips for the city of Tamandaré!

But be warned: The city of Tamandaré has so many offers of tourist destinations that we chose to separate two special posts! So, for tips on this unmissable tourist destination, be sure to also access Part 1 at this link: What to do in Tamandaré / PE? PART 1

Coral Coast

The great highlight of the city of Tamandaré is certainly its great concentration of coral reefs! Biodiversity is protected by the Environmental Protection area of ​​Costa dos Corais. This area also includes other cities like Maragogi, Porto de Galinhas and São Miguel dos Milagres! So, in Tamandaré you can also be close to countless corals and schools of fish!

The tip here is to travel the entire region of the Costa dos Corais by car. Thus, it is possible to visit other regions without losing sight of the beauty of this biodiversity. For more tips on what to do in some of these cities included in the Costa dos Corais, be sure to visit our special posts on Maragogi and Porto de Galinhas!

Bulha D'água Waterfall

If you want another option to cool off, the city of Tamandaré also offers the beautiful Bulha D'água waterfall! It is located in the Saltinho Biological Reserve, which is also another tourist spot to be visited! So, the tip is to enjoy the day among the animals and the waterfall waters, in this incredible ecotourism destination!

Boca da Barra Beach

For those who expect to find beaches with something more, be sure to visit Boca da Barra Beach! This option offers calm and crystalline waters and in addition, the meeting of the Mamucambas River with the sea!

Tamandaré Beach

Praia de Tamandaré is perhaps one of the best known by tourists, along with Praia dos Carneiros. There is a good infrastructure of tents along the sand of the beach, in addition to a large concentration of coral reefs! For those who wish to visit the beach, the tip is to take a walk to also visit Forte Santo Ignácio de Loyola and the small beach of Pontal do Lira!

Guaiamum Beach

Another beach tip in the region is Guaiamum Beach! This follows the profile of beaches with many coconut trees and calm waters forming natural pools! The tip here is to always follow the tide table to guarantee a less agitated sea. Then, consult the tide table and look for the low tide period!

For tips on the Tide Table, be sure to access our special post: Tides table - WHAT IS IT? WHERE TO FIND?

Gamela Beach

If your intention is to find a more deserted and quiet beach with little infrastructure, this is an ideal option! The beach has only fishermen's houses and lots of vegetation! Thus, it is ideal for those who want to escape a little from the busiest beaches!

Other tips in Tamandaré:

Craftsman House

Here, local producers offer a variety of handicrafts for those who want to take some of the region home! You can find several options, from bags and magnets to ceramics and much more!

St. Peter's Church

To the devotees of the saint, the visit to the building is a must! The friendly church is accessible via Praia de Campas and we recommend visiting the place in the morning!

Capim Bambu Restaurant

Capim Bambu Restaurant
Capim Bambu Restaurant

The best restaurant in town and one of the best I've ever tasted (Remember that I travel a lot).

It was nominated for me as the best couscous in the region, and it really is very good.
Be sure to try the fish bait and tapioca.
It seems trivial to speak, but tapioca in the northeast is much better.

Oitizeiro Hill

For those who wish to get to know the region in a panoramic view, the tip is to climb the Morro do Oitizeiro! In a small trail with easy access it is possible to know the entire beautiful horizon of the region! Unmissable!