Where to stay in Ubatuba? – Central, North or South coast?

Where to stay in Ubatuba?

Where to stay in Ubatuba? – Central, North or South coast?

Where to stay in Ubatuba? What is the best region option for those who want to travel to one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, located in the state of São Paulo?

The answer to this question can be answered in different ways, as it depends a lot on what your intention is with the trip to Ubatuba: go family travel and looking for rest or among friends and want something more lively?

We answered all of this today, with great tips for where to stay in Ubatuba. Read with us and get to know the best of each of the 3 main regions of São Paulo beach city!

Where to stay in Ubatuba?

Couves Island
Ilha das Couves, Ubatuba

But after all, where to stay in Ubatuba? As mentioned, the coastal city and beach of São Paulo is a truly amazing place that draws the attention of those who visit.

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Thus, visiting it can be more difficult than you might think, not because of the arrival and trip to the city, but because we have to choose where to stay in Ubatuba, as the options are varied.

Currently, tourists need to choose between 3 options of regions, the central area of ​​Ubatuba, the beaches of the North coast, and, finally, the busiest side of the beach city, on the beaches located on the South coast.

With that in mind, we brought a small guide with ideas for places on where to stay in Ubatuba. Read with us and better understand these 3 regions of the city.

central area

Praia do Itaguá
Itaguá beach

The central area of ​​the city is by far the busiest, but that is not due to the beaches that are located there, as they are the “worst” on today's list.

The region is busy because it is the best place to stay, with greater options for restaurants, hotels and inns. We don't want to say that the beaches are bad, on the contrary, they just don't have the same beauty as the beaches in the other two regions.

Anyway, the center of Ubatuba is a mandatory stop for those who really want to know the city.

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Among the beaches in the central region, we can choose from Praia do Itaguá, where the highlight is the following inns:

  • Pousada Jamboo;
  • Hostel Villa di Riminni;
  • and Inn Don Diego.
What to do in Ubatuba?
Big beach

The second option is Praia Grande, where the highlight is the Hotel Coquille, one of the oldest and most traditional accommodations on the beach in São Paulo.

Finally, we have the central region filled by Cruzeiro beach, right in the center of the city, where you will find options much cheaper than in the rest of the regions, such as Hostel Trópico de Capricórnio and Casa Alma Zen.

South coast

Where to stay in Ubatuba?
Toninhas Beach

But, if you are looking for a little more hustle and bustle, then surely your chosen destination should be the beaches of the southern region of Ubatuba, where there are more options for bars, lively beaches, pubs and restaurants.

It is the ideal place for those traveling with friends or looking to enjoy their vacation with a little more partying, as the region is very busy, especially in high season.

If you are in a family and want more rest, you may feel uncomfortable, because the crowd in high season is really big.

On the other hand, it is the place with the most beautiful beaches, so if you want to go with the family, go late or off-season, to find less movement than usual.

What to do in Ubatuba?
Lagoinha Beach

Among the main beach options on the South Coast are:

  • Praia das Toninhas: There, there is good gastronomy with a variety of choices, and good lodging places such as Pousada El Shadday, Hotel and Pousada Pouso 54, and also Pousada Mauí;
  • Praia do Lázaro: from one end to the other, Praia do Lázaro has a calm sea and calm sea in the region where a closed condominium with residences is located, and at the other end restaurants, bustling and pubs. Among accommodations, we can school the Solar das Águas Cantantes, the Hotel Liverpool, and the Pousada Capim Melado;
  • Praia da Lagoinha: an alternative option in relation to the rest of the region, since it is a beach far from the city center, and so it ends up becoming much calmer, with a sea that follows this line. There, the best accommodations are Pousada Castello Montemare and Pousada da Luz da Lua;
  • Praia da Enseada: one of the best places with commercial structure in the entire southern region of the city, it has a calm and mirrored sea, with interesting lodging options such as Pousada Vila Jacaa and Hotel Village Enseada;
  • Maranduba Beach: one of the main beaches for those who want to enjoy it, as its structure for tourism is really full of options, with a variety of bars, pubs, shops, hotels and restaurants, such as Pousada Ilha Vitória, being the best known in that region. specific;
  • Praia do Sapê: the best beach on the south coast of Ubatuba for surfers, as it brings a feeling of standing on the sand and very rustic in its accommodations like Kaliman Pousada and the stupendous Villa Sapê Pousada, but mainly due to the high waves and the sea is always rough, creating great spots for the practice of the sport and with a lower concentration of bathers than on other beaches. Where to stay in Ubatuba if you want to surf? On Sapê beach!

North Coast

7 Beaches for Surfing in Brazil
Itamambuca, Ubatuba, Sao Paulo

As mentioned from the beginning, the beaches of the North coast of Ubatuba is the answer on where to stay in Ubatuba if you are traveling as a family and looking for a little more peace.

It is a quieter location, with more preserved beaches and little movement of commerce, although it has everything you need to spend a holiday without missing anything.

Fewer bathers, more calm, more preserved area and good options for hotels and inns for the family, the North coast of Ubatuba is really charming.

The main option of where to stay in Ubatuba in this region is Itamambuca beach, which is far from the city center and is the most suitable for a quiet and complete trip, famous for having high waves, occupied by several condominiums and with a river on its left side that further complements the beauty of the region.

strategic position

In general, it is interesting to rent some of the houses available for the season. It is not a suitable place if you want easy access to other regions, as it is closer to the city of Paraty than to the center of Ubatuba, which is 13km from Itamambuca beach.

If you are not a "Hotel type" person, you can also use the services of the Airbnb, there are many options there.

Did you like our tips? Are you packing your bags and looking for a complete guide? So he found it. Now just decide what you want and travel to your chosen beach.

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