The best restaurants to enjoy the Marvelous City!

Terra Brasilis Restaurant Rio De Janeiro
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The best restaurants to enjoy the Marvelous City!

O Rio de Janeiro is considered the Marvelous City thanks to the exuberant natural landscapes! The contrast of the mountains with the beauty of the beaches makes the city carry a spectacular and unique scenery in the world! And, thanks to these attractions, the city is the country's postcard and one of the main tourist references for both Brazilians and foreigners!

But it is not just natural beauty that the city of Rio can offer! Rio also has a good infrastructure of bars, restaurants and hotels that offer quality services to its tourists. With that in mind, this special post separated the main restaurants in the city from the Rio de Janeiro, so you can choose your favorite! All the restaurants listed here can offer a unique experience for lovers of good cuisine!

So, include these restaurants in your planning and make your experience in the city even more special!

Restaurants to visit at Rio de Janeiro:

Brazil land

For those who want to combine good food with a spectacular view of the Rio de JaneiroAnyway, this is certainly the ideal place! Located on Praia Vermelha, overlooking the Sugarloaf Mountain, the cable car and next to the top of the Círculo Militar building, this is certainly the ideal choice for tourists wishing to enjoy the Rio de Janeiro in your most special spaces!

The menu is signed by chef Gamarra Souza which allows the food to follow a sophisticated and very Brazilian profile, combined with dining and outdoor options, the restaurant leaves nothing to be desired!

Iraja Gastro Leblon

Iraja Gastro Leblon
Iraja Gastro Leblon

A good restaurant option in one of the most charming areas of the Rio de Janeiro. The neighborhood of Leblon carries the air of Bossa Nova carioca and has one of the most beautiful landscapes on the edge of the city. To represent Brazilian cuisine, the Irajá Gastrô restaurant offers great service, dishes in contemporary versions with well-selected ingredients, as well as good drinks!

The restaurant has two Michelin stars, which punctuate internationally restaurants around the world! So, you have to find great dishes and prices that match the quality and services.

Viscount's Caravel

Viscount's Caravel
Viscount's Caravel

Located in the Humaitá district, a key neighborhood for residents and famous schools in the Rio de Janeiro, the restaurant is a reference steakhouse in the city! Due to the service and service, the steakhouse has a high average of ratings, so if you want to find a good steakhouse in town, this is our tip! Good price and good service are the right combination for a good experience provided by the steakhouse!

Cervantes Bar and Restaurant

Visiting a restaurant classified as a Carioca Cultural Heritage is certainly a must-see for visitors to the Marvelous City! The restaurant is the best option for those looking for a bohemian and very carioca atmosphere! With a unit in one of the most famous streets in Copacabana and another in Barra da Tijuca, the dishes, sandwiches and desserts are essential for those who want to try good dishes accompanied by a cold beer!

Currents 348

For meat and barbecue lovers, there is nothing fairer than finding Argentine steakhouse services in the Marvelous City! Located in Marina da Glória and with another affiliate in Barra da Tijuca, the restaurant stands out for the beauty of the internal space and for the quality of the meat! In addition, the restaurant prides itself on working with authenticity and leaves nothing to be desired for those who choose the experience!

With the success and appreciation found in the quality of the service, the restaurant is also headquartered in São Paulo and Dallas, in the United States! Finally, we emphasize that this is a great restaurant option for meeting friends!

Santa Fe Emporium

For those who want to find a sophisticated place with Italian cuisine, this is the place! The restaurant is located in Flamengo and offers great recommendations for the quality of service and the good price! There are pasta, meat and fish options, as well as good cheesecakes and an excellent wine list! So, if you want to find good dishes for lunch or dinner, at a good price and in a strategic region of the Rio de Janeiro, this is a great destination!