Cabo Frio Canto Do Forte Beach
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The city of Cabo Frio is one of the most beautiful postcards of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Located in the Region of the Lakes, or Region of the Costa do Sol, it is located to the east of the capital of the State, approximately 170 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Thus, it is a city with a large shopping center, beaches, walking areas and good cuisine, especially for those who wish to seek seafood-based dishes. Want to know more about sights in the city? Follow our tips below about Canto do Forte Beach!

What to do at Praia Canto do Forte?

Praia do Canto do Forte is one of the little known corners of the city of Cabo Frio. It is just below São Matheus Fort, at the end of Praia do Forte. Its area is the tip of the border between the beach, the sea and the Araruama channel, which flows into this region.

Thus, it is a calm and short beach, which at the end of the day concentrates many fishermen. These men and women who live off fishing arrive with fresh fish and shrimp. Thus, it is also possible to buy fish from the ones they sell before they reach fishmongers.

 Praia do Canto do Forte gives access to Forte São Matheus, an important postcard of the city. The colonial Portuguese fortress of the Portuguese Crown which has become a museum and is open to visitors. Thus, from the Fort it is possible to admire the landscape of the beach, the entrance to the Araruama Canal.

At this point you will be able to take pictures of all nature, vegetation and admire the cannons still found in the same place. It is a journey through time that all visitors admire.

Cabo Frio RJ Canto Do Forte Beach
Cabo Frio RJ Canto Do Forte Beach

Tips on Praia do Canto do Forte

Praia do Canto do Forte has kiosks close to the shore and tents by the sand. The area has options for renting tables and chairs, as well as bar and restaurant services. It is also possible to access Mirante do Forte through the beach.

In addition, the viewpoint is close to the entrance to the Fort, to access it is necessary to make a short trail of about 15 minutes. After the process of revitalizing the area, it is possible for tourists to appreciate the natural beauty of the region.

In addition, the viewpoint can be accessed on foot or by bicycle, and is a great option for children. Even senior citizens will be able to enjoy the peaceful climb and spectacular views.

Praia do Canto do Forte is small when compared to the entire length of Praia do Forte that follows it. It is delimited between the Duna Preta da Boa Vista, a closed place to protect the natural vegetation that is being restored.

In addition, the piece of beach is also close to an amusement park set up and in operation throughout the year. Thus, it is a fun option for all audiences. In addition, the area has parking for both access to the park and the beach.

How to get to Praia Canto do Forte?

Access to Praia do Canto do Forte can be done in two ways: It is possible to walk from Praia do Forte, to its end near Forte São Matheus, along the strip of sand, where the beach is located. Or, it is also possible to access it by car along Avenida Hilton Massa.

In addition, there is a car park next to the environmental reserve area where it is possible to leave the car in a rotating parking lot and very close to the beach. Thus, it is possible to choose the beach to spend all day, exploring buildings and landscapes, accompanying the rhythm of fishermen to the offers of kiosks and bars.