Beach paradise in Cabo Frio: Brava Beach

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Beach paradise in Cabo Frio: Brava Beach

Praia Brava, the postcard of Cabo Frio

The city of Cabo Frio is one of the most beautiful and important postcards of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the seventh oldest city in Brazil. Located in the Region of the Lakes, or Region of the Costa do Sol, the cities are to the east of the capital of the State, approximately 170 km of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Brava Beach Cabo Frio

It is a city with great shopping center infrastructure, shopping malls, walking areas and good food. If you want to know more about the city's sights, follow our tips below about the distinctive Praia Brava!

What to do at Praia Brava?

First of all, know that part of Praia Brava is reserved for fans of nudism. Thus, it is possible to find nudists or naturalists taking advantage of the freedom guaranteed by the space.

There is a distinction between the part of the beach reserved for nudism, this part being the one on the right of a large stone that divides the beach. Thus, for those who have the curiosity and respect for the practice, this is a great destination option as few points in the State of Rio.

The beach has clear and white waters, which justifies the name of the beach, as the sea is quite rough. It is a relatively short beach with a wild landscape, with lots of natural vegetation and rocks. Its location allows the view of the Turtle Island, a space accessible only by boat. 

Curiosities about the beautiful Praia Brava

Thus, the beach has a concentration of differentials, from its access and location as well as due to its natural and protected beauty. It is a unique place in itself, and worth a visit!

Praia Brava attracts tourists due to its more agitated sea. For those who wish to make trails with good points for photos this is also a right option.

In addition, to reach the beach it is possible to make a trail of about half an hour, which is an intermediate level. Thus, the beach is a place that attracts adventurers in search of a quiet space to practice sports or to escape from other busy sights in the city.

Praia Brava is a distinct tourist spot in its own right. Its location allows a more peaceful use of the area, being more suitable for young people and adults mainly due to the difficulty of access.

The beach does not have kiosks or bars on the edge to guarantee products or tents. So it is important to prepare for this visit to the beach.

How to get?

There are two ways to get to the beach: By a trail through the edge of the Japanese Island which you can do either by descending a rock canyon to the left of the island or by taking a longer path up the hill that divides the Ilha do Japones beach from Praia Brava.

In addition, Surfers also have access to Praia Brava through the sea, from the Japanese Island. Due to its more remote and difficult access, the beach is not very busy.

For this reason, it is suggested to visit the place in groups. It is important to avoid being unaccompanied, as the location with difficult access can be a dangerous space, susceptible to falls and assaults.