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The city of Cabo Frio it is the seventh oldest city in the country! 170 km away from the city of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most important tourist spots in the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is a city with good shopping centers, shopping malls and the most diverse leisure options.

Thus, the area attracts tourists throughout the year, but mainly during the summer holidays, due to its great offer of beaches. Want to know more details about beach options at Cabo Frio? Follow our text below with information about Praia das Palmeiras!

What to do at Praia das Palmeiras?

Praia das Palmeiras is a quiet beach, bathed by one of the coves of Lagoa de Araruama. For this reason, it is a little busy beach, but with different attractions that are worth a visit!

Thus, the entire region has become a recent tourist spot due to renovations throughout the neighborhood. For this reason, the region started to be busier and to develop attractions for tourists and residents. For a day of rest and tranquility, this is an option that may please!

In addition, due to its calm waters, the strip of water that bathes the beach can be used for the practice of stand up padle or kayaking. This beach also has different kiosks and bars along its entire length, which have become a great option for the night, fleeing the agglomerations of other city centers.

Curiosities about Praia das Palmeiras

Praia das Palmeiras has a border of Portuguese stones and a cycle path. That is, all this infrastructure can be used for the practice of walking, running, and cycling or rollerblading. Also on the waterfront there are stretches with lawn that can be used for picnics. In addition, there are good stretches of sand to enjoy the beach as well as playing soccer or beach volleyball.

Thus, the entire area of ​​the beach edge is full of small fishing boats that use the beach as a collection point for their boats. The beach has no waves and is a great destination for families with children and the elderly throughout the year. As it is a beach on the shores of the open sea, it is an area with less winds that can be used well on colder days.

After the renovation and revitalization of the entire neighborhood around Praia das Palmeiras, Shopping Park Lagos was built. Thus, this large shopping center has a cinema, food court and other attractions, as well as an extensive parking lot.

Thus, the entire neighborhood and the beach region offer different options for enjoying a whole day, with peaceful and relaxing options for all tastes and ages. It is a corner of the city that is worth a visit!

How to get to Praia das Palmeiras?

It is possible to reach Praia das Palmeiras through Rua Henrique Terra. There are bus lines that reach the region and the mall near the beach, as far as it is possible to reach by car or on foot.

This beach is farther from the city center, about 20 minutes by car from the city center. There are more limited car parking options in this area, with optional parking on parallel streets scattered around the neighborhood or, using the shpopping parking that is close to the beginning of the beach.