Paradise of beaches Cabo Frio - São Bento Beach

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Paradise of beaches Cabo Frio - São Bento Beach

Praia de São Bento, the fishermen's beach

The city of Cabo Frio is one of the great postcards of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Located in the Region of the Lakes, or Region of the Costa do Sol, it is located to the east of the city of Rio de Janeiro, approximately 170 km.

Thus, it is a city with a large shopping center, shopping malls, walking areas and good cuisine, especially for those who wish to seek seafood-based dishes. In addition, the city stands out naturally for its stunning beach areas. Want to know more about sights in the city? Follow our tips below!

What to do at Praia de São Bento?

The city of Cabo Frio offers tourists different options of unmissable beaches. In one of the gastronomic centers of the city is Praia de São Bento. The whole small strip of sand is one of the differential tourist points of the city.

Thus, this beach is located at Rua Marechal Floriano, close to the edge of the Lagoa de Araruama Canal. This street is also accessible through the Itajuru Canal. In addition, the entire area has great restaurants by the street with views of the canal and open during the day and night.

During the day, São Bento beach offers a view of the clear water canal. It is close to a cinema, restaurants, pubs and the boulevard. Thus, it is a great option for a walk in the evening, as the sunset view is stunning. In the same area it is also possible for tourists to find boats with outings to stroll through the islands near the exit of the canal. There are different routes and prices to discover other areas of the city accessible only by boat.

Beach Tips!

São Bento beach during day and night attracts many fishermen in search of crabs and fish. It is a great area for walking with children or the elderly because it is safe and easily accessible. At the end of the beach, on the way to the bridge that crosses the canal, you can also find ferries that take you to the other side of the canal, with an affordable price that allows tourists.

When crossing the canal it is possible for tourists to visit the famous Rua dos Biquínis, a sales center for swimwear in the city. This option offers an alternative for pedestrians to cross the channel back and forth without the need to cross the bridge. It is also possible to cross the bridge by car, and it is worth mentioning that the other side of the Lagoon has paid parking for security.

The Itajuru Canal and São Bento Beach offer a wide range of leisure and rest options. The boulevard that is now part of the area is great for walking, attracting families, young people and couples. In addition, the area becomes a tourist spot bustling in the evening and at night due to its wide range of restaurants, nightclubs and pubs. 

How to get to São Bento beach?

São Bento beach is not far from the city center, it is possible to walk about 20 minutes to the Boulevard. It is also possible to reach the beach by car, however, it is important to note that the paid parking lot offers few spaces.

In addition, the surrounding streets are narrow and are usually full of pedestrians due to the concentration of bars and restaurants. So we recommend parking the car at a certain distance through the center and walking to the beach.

In addition, it should be noted that Rua Marechal Floriano is a one-way street, in the direction of Portinho and the Márcio Correa bridge. Praia de São Bento is a great option for a quiet day of fishing or to admire the sunset, and where you can find great options for bars and restaurants.