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Praia do forte, one of the most beautiful in Cabo Frio.

The city of Cabo Frio is one of the most beautiful and important postcards of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Located in the Region of the Lakes, or Region of the Costa do Sol, the cities are to the east of the capital of the State, approximately 170 km of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Thus, it is a city with great shopping center infrastructure, shopping malls, walking areas and good food. Want to know more about sights in the city? Follow our tips below about the city's main beach: Praia do Forte!

At the end of the beach, already in transition to Praia do Foguete, is an area known as Praia das Dunas. The entire shore is made of extremely white and fine sand, making the landscape a paradise. The clear and greenish waters are also a differential that makes this the most visited beach in the city. Therefore, Praia do Forte is the beach that every visitor and tourist in the city should know!

What to do in Praia do Forte?

Praia do Forte is a meeting point for many groups who wish to enjoy the natural beauty. It can be an ideal place for surfing and kitesurfing. For these more extreme sports, the area close to the dunes is recommended, towards Praia do Foguete.

Thus, along the entire length of the beach it is possible to find street vendors of drinks, snacks, ice cream, açaí, beach fashions and many other options of products in the region. The beach is also full of kiosks and tents available to assist tourists with rental of tents and tables or for food services.

Cabo Frio Canto Do Forte Beach
Cabo Frio Canto Do Forte Beach

The beach also offers leisure options for children, young people and adults, such as boat trips and buoys. There are also spaces reserved for soccer or sand volleyball. The beach has a large infrastructure of posts and life guard. This is because the region usually forms sandbanks in the sea and currents that can offer drowning hazards.

Thus, it is important to pay close attention, especially in areas close to the dune area. For families, children and the elderly, the beach area next to Avenida do Corpo de option is recommended. Or, towards the fort, as it is the calmest and busiest area of ​​the sea.

Curiosities about the Beach

The waters are usually cold all year round, and the beach has a constant wind. However, it attracts visitors throughout the year due to its size, leisure options and proximity to the city center. Thus, the beach is one of the city's stunning jewels!

At the end of the year there is the classic fireworks display in Praia do Forte, and the city hall organizes regular shows during the summer vacation period, in order to attract tourists from all over the country. In addition, the beach also usually receives travel cruises, with tourists from all over the world who want to know the natural beauty of the area.

Praia do Forte presents several options of hotels, inns and summer houses for seasons. This is also the busiest area in the city, due to the concentration of bars and restaurants.

Thus, at night it is common for some of the main avenue to be closed to pedestrians, making the area very pleasant. After the process of revitalizing the entire coastline, it is possible to enjoy kiosks on the edge of the sand as well as visiting the craft fair and Praça das Águas.

How to get to Praia do Forte?

Praia do Forte is accessible via Avenida Litorânea and Avenida Hilton Massa. There is rotating parking throughout its length, being easily accessible for those traveling by car. Therefore, from the commercial center of the city, the beach is about 15 minutes away and has several entrances on ramps, trails or stairs from the boardwalk.

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