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The city of Cabo Frio is one of the great postcards of the State of Rio de Janeiro and it is the seventh oldest city in the country. Located in the Region of the Lakes, or Region of the Costa do Sol, it is located to the east of the city of Rio de Janeiro, approximately 170 km.

This city has a large shopping center, shopping malls, walking areas and good cuisine, especially for those who want to look for seafood dishes. In addition, the city stands out naturally for its stunning beach areas. Do you want to know more about sights in the city? Follow our tips below about Praia do Peró!

What to do in Praia do Peró?

Praia do Peró is one of the few beaches in the region that recently received the Blue Flag, an international symbol of sustainability eco-label. Thus, the beach internationally has a seal of guarantee of clean water and sand, as well as a guarantee in the quality of accessibility and mobility. Thus, it is one of the right destination options for visitors to the city of Cabo Frio!

The name of the beach in Tupi means "soulless people", a reference of the Indians of the region to the Portuguese due to the colonial period where there were several conflicts between the two peoples. The beach also gives its name to the neighborhood in the region. The area has great fluctuations in the concentration of people during the year, as it is a summer area. Thus, it is possible to find the most crowded beach, especially during school holidays.

Curiosities about Peró Beach

Peró beach has a long stretch of clear sand and crystal clear waters that greatly attract surfers due to the perfect waves for the practice. In this region it is also possible to practice sandboardbecause the beach has several fine sand dunes.

However, the beach also connects to Praia das Conchas, and has stretches of calm water. There is all the availability of the beach to receive visitors of all ages. That's because the beach is easily accessible and offers safe fun even for those most fearful of the sea.

Both Praia das Conchas and Praia do Peró offer infrastructure of hotels, inns and vacation homes for tourists. The beachfront and the strip of sand also offer tents for renting parasols, tables and chairs, as well as bar and restaurant services.

In addition, there are stretches of the beach that are also conducive to fishing, and several fishing boats can be found depending on the time and time of year!

Praia do Peró is an option for all ages and, being a little further from the commercial center of the city, it is a place of little hype. The preservation of the place is impressive and it is possible to make a small trail and visit the Costa do Sol State Park. This trail allows a panoramic view of the entire cove. So, be sure to put Praia do Peró on your vacation to the city!

How to get to Praia do Peró?

Peró beach is close to the city center, approximately 6 km away. It is possible to access it through Avenida do Contorno, a route to be taken by car. There is rotating parking on site, and it is also possible to park on parallel streets, all with charges to be made by the municipality.