Cabo Frio, General,


The city of Cabo Frio is one of the pearls of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Located east of the state capital, at about 170km, it is the seventh oldest city in Brazil, and is a right destination for tourists, especially during school holidays.

In addition, the city has a good infrastructure of hotels, inns and summer houses, in addition to being a gastronomic point and having a large shopping center. In addition, the city has several beaches that travelers of all ages can explore, including Praia do Siqueira. If you want to know more, follow our tips below!

What to do at Praia do Siqueira?

Praia do Siqueira is an option for families traveling with children or the elderly, thanks to its unique offer of quiet and reserved climate. This is an area outside the tourist center of the city and for that reason, it can be a surprise for many visitors. However, this corner of the city can offer varied options for those who wish to extend their stay in the city for a few days.

Praia do Siqueira is a strip of sand bathed by the extensive Araruama Lagoon. Its location is close to Praia das Palmeiras, connected by Rua Acre and by a small water channel in communication between the two parts of the lagoon that bathe both beaches. For this reason, it is an unmissable tourist spot!

The beach is extremely cozy and pleases everyone, especially at sunset, as it offers a beautiful view of the lagoon. It is a quiet and pleasant beach option, away from the city's commercial center. In addition, the beach has the Santo Samba project, a tourist attraction for samba shows with schedules available on the city's official website.

Tips on Praia do Siqueira

Praia do Siqueira has a good strip of darker sand than those seen on other beaches bathed by the open sea. However, the charm of this beach is in the small fishing boats anchored throughout its length

These boats transmit the air of the neighborhood to the tranquility of a fishing village, a neighborhood essentially of residents. Thus, it can become an attraction for all ages when interest is a more relaxed option on a day trip.

The beach has kiosks of bars and restaurants open mainly at night. In high season you can find options open all day! The local cuisine is essentially composed of seafood, with good quality fresh fish and shrimp. In addition, the more relaxed beach atmosphere combines with the small town air and the humility of the neighborhood. This way, this is a different option for visitors and that you can surprise.

As well as Praia das Palmeiras, Praia do Siqueira has structures for practicing footvolley, and the calm waters of the lagoon also offer an option for practicing Stand up paddle and canoeing. Sidewalks are also a route for running, walking and cycling. The neighborhood is small and offers another option to those who want to escape the most tourist and crowded places in the city.

How to get to Praia do Siqueira?

Praia do Siqueira is located in the neighborhood of Palmeiras and its shore is parallel to the RJ-140 highway. It is possible to reach the beach through Rua Luiz Feliciano Cardoso, being accessible mainly for cars and motorcycles.

It is also possible to reach the beach by bicycle or other alternative means of transport, since it has a narrow cycle path along the boardwalk. There is no charge for parking on site, but because it is a neighborhood essentially of local residents, there are fewer parking options.