Ipanema Beach: The darling of cariocas!

Ipanema Beach RJ
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Ipanema Beach: The darling of cariocas!

For both cariocas and tourists and visitors to the wonderful city, Ipanema Beach is the right spot! As much for its accessibility as for its look and its calmer waters, this is a beach to be included in the itinerary! So, for those who want to visit the beach at least once, follow our tips here, separate your sunscreen and sunglasses and enjoy the beach!

View From Ipanema Beach To Morro Dois Irmaos And Macico Da Tijuca
View From Ipanema Beach To Dois Irmaos Hill And Tijuca Massif

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach is certainly one of the main postcards of the city of Rio de Janeiro! As much for its boardwalk as for its history and all the look it carries, this is a beach to visit at least once in a lifetime. Or whenever it's sunny!

The beach offers an excellent infrastructure, with tents and chairs for rent, fresh water showers installed along the length of the sand strip. Also, along the beach you will find many vendors selling the classic mate with lemon, grilled cheese curds, sandwiches, beers, water, açaí and much more! In the tents and kiosks installed along the beach it is also possible to order portions of shrimp, dried meat and even oysters. Also, along the waterfront and even in the stalls, the classic is caipirinhas of all flavors! Cangas, sunglasses and souvenirs from the Rio de Janeiro are also sold along the beach.

Praia de Ipanema is located between Praia do Arpoador and Praia do Leblon, being one of the most visited by tourists and cariocas. So, the tip is to enjoy the day and then go for a walk and stop to enjoy the sunset on Arpoador rock, where the custom is to give a standing ovation to the beauty of the scenery that forms! Ipanema Beach is between Posto 9 and Posto 10. Posto 11 and Posto 12 are already located in Praia do Leblon!

In addition, as it is one of the most crowded beaches, the tip is to be aware as there are chances of theft or even trawlers on the sand strip of Ipanema beach. Well, not everything is flowers because we are talking about Rio de Janeiro, the purgatory of beauty and chaos! But do not worry! The tip we can give you is: if you have the option, visiting the beach on weekdays is usually quieter than on weekends!

How to get to Ipanema Beach?

One of the reasons why Ipanema Beach is so beloved is certainly because of its access! It is possible to reach the waterfront either by subway or by bus. Therefore, it will soon be possible to notice that it is one of the busiest in the south of Rio de Janeiro. For those arriving by subway, just get off at the General Osório station and walk about a block. For those arriving by bus or car, just look for the routes on the edge of Avenida Viera Souto.

In addition, like the Copacabana waterfront, the Ipanema waterfront offers good options for bars and restaurants. Thus, for those who wish to extend the day on the waterfront, it is possible to find good options for lunch or dinner in the region. The neighborhood is also a great option to stay as it offers many options for hotels and even vacation homes for rent.

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