The main beaches in the center of Prado? See everything here!

Praia do Farol Prado South Bahia
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The main beaches in the center of Prado? See everything here!

For the holidays, summer and even throughout the year, visiting Bahia can be a great choice for those who want to enjoy sunny days! Bahia has little rainfall during most of the year, in addition to offering impeccable beaches! So, if you want to relax during a break or vacation, the city of Prado can offer a peaceful small town environment with the best beaches for those who want to enjoy! So, follow our tips here and take the opportunity to learn more about the main central beaches of the Prado!

For these little adventures listed here don't forget the water sunscreen and hats or caps. We also recommend the use of clothing with UV protection, as the sun is constant throughout the region!

Main beaches near the center of Prado

For this post, we'll list the main beaches near the city center of Prado. These are therefore easily accessible beaches. At the end of this publication, links will be available with more information about other important beaches in the region.

downtown beach

Praia do Centro (or Praia do Coqueiral) is possibly the best known for those staying in inns or houses in the center of Prado. For those who have more difficulty getting to the more distant beaches, this is certainly the most practical option. In addition, it is a beach with excellent infrastructure, with parking, kiosks, tents, tables and snack bars. Following the pattern of the beaches in the region, it offers warm and calm waters, golden and soft sand and a different charm with the several coconut trees scattered along the shore. Given the infrastructure, it is a very busy beach for families and groups of friends.

For those who want to practice sports and boat trips, or just rest in the shade and fresh water, this is the ideal beach!

Farol Beach

Praia do Farol is a beach located right in the city center of Prado, about 5km away from the historic city center. To reach this beach, the recommended tour is a good walk from the city center, passing the beaches of Novo Prado, Lagoa Pequena and Lagoa Grande until arriving at Praia do Farol. So for those who want to take a day trip, getting to know Praia do Farol can be a great option! It's a good walk with a visual to fall in love and that finally ends at a beach shaded by coconut trees and some small kiosks. For the locals, this is also considered the “farofeiros' beach” as many visitors and even residents of the city arrive in cars and prepared for barbecues and full meals.

Paixão Beach

Shortly after Praia do Farol is Praia da Paixão. The beach is a little emptier than Praia do Farol, or Praia do Coqueiral, but it offers a great infrastructure of kiosks, including bars and restaurants. It is a great option for groups of friends who can choose between bars with more elaborate drinks and menus and simpler food restaurants. This beach is about 9km from the city's historic center so it requires a ride to the site or a good walk. Following the style of the beaches in the region, Praia da Paixão offered a view of cliffs, coral reefs and fresh water streams that meet the sea.

For all these destinations, don't forget to stay hydrated!

More information about other beaches:

This was an introduction to the main beaches located closer to the center of the Prado and therefore more easily accessible. But of course the main and most outstanding beaches in the region are further away. And for these and other tips, we've prepared a special post that you can access on the following links:

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