Recife to Maceió in 11 days- Day 1

Recife Boa Viagem

Recife to Maceió in 11 days- Day 1

Hello, my name is Charles and this is the first text in the logbook.

The intention of this new column is to report my travels and prepare future travelers.

The first series will be an 11 day trip through the state of Pernambuco and Alagoas. I will put here all expenses, tips and warnings that I find relevant in each section.

Recife to Maceió Travel Checklist

Documents: Rg Credit cards 100 reais on bills We did not find the CNH (I asked for a copy on the day of the trip waiting for the digital release in 48 hours) Medications: ✓Pills ✓Needles Insulin (I left to buy there and screwed myself, then I'll explain better) Thermal bag (I bought it at the destination) Bags and Tickets: ✓ Whole bags ✓ Checkin Made at home ✓ Additional bag paid for before flight

1 Day trip - Leaving São Paulo

  • I left São Paulo at the end of the afternoon and had a 40 in stop in Brasília. I arrived 00:10

Recife at this hour is like any city. I decided not to sleep there and see how much it would be to go to my destination at that time, the city of Tamandaré.

I decided to stay in Tamandaré due to its strategic position, it would be easier to travel from Recife to Maceió.

As there would be no bus that night and staying in a city that I don't know in the middle of the night is not very pleasing to me, I decided to see how much a race would be at that hour. Uber = R $ 175,00 (most reject intermunicipal race at dawn, obvious fuckin '.) Taxi = R $ 175,00 in cash R $ 185,00 on the card Since there was no option and I was not interested in waiting for dawn I decided to accept . The trip took about 2 hours, the road was doubled for a few kilometers, but soon became a simple road that cut through several smaller municipalities. Where there were no cities, the landscapes were full of cane fields and sugar mills, remnants of another time in history.
Engenho Tinoco Sirinha in Pernambuco
Engenho Tinoco Sirinha in Pernambuco
Arriving in Tamandaré without major news. Small town at night has nothing open or anyone on the street, especially on a Wednesday morning.


Here comes the first important note of the trip Each state has its own peculiarities in terms of accommodation, and this for those who use AIRBNB like me can cause some surprises. In Pernambuco, apparently towels are not basic items. In the two places I stayed, people even found the question strange. Something that seems a little obvious for those who travel with hand luggage on an airplane, but that for those who do not have this habit or go through the head. I even remember when I was younger that we traveled with towels and basic hygiene items, but I didn't remember that it wasn't so available.