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Andorra View From La Vella Central Street
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Alternative destinations: Discover Andorra!

The small country of Andorra is located in central Europe, between Spain and France. The country has an extension of just over 468 km² and,…

tourism Budapest Hungary
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Eastern Europe: What to do in Budapest?

Budapest, the beautiful Hungarian capital. For those curious to learn about European culture, the continent is certainly a great destination option! Thanks to its great cultural, architectural and…

Budapest Szechenyi Chain Bridge
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Alternative destinations: Discover the city of Budapest!

Europe is a continent rich in history, culture, art, architecture and much more. Each country to be visited offers a different experience, being possible to visit in a single trip,…

Chicama Beach in Peru

Discover the Chicama waves of Peru!

Peru is one of the great tourist destinations for those who want to experience natural beauty and come across an incredible cultural wealth. Certainly the main tourist destination for the…

Turquoise Waters Of Millpu
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Peru Tour Tip: Meet Millpu!

For those who want to find natural paradises, Latin America is certainly one of the best destinations to travel! In addition, most neighboring countries offer a good price…

Torres Del Paine National Park
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AMAZING and alternative destinations to visit in Chile!

Within the great South American continent, Chile is a prominent country for those in search of stunning natural landscapes! This is because the country is the largest in…

Centennial Park Buenos Aires Argentina

Alternative destination tips in Buenos Aires!

The city of Buenos Aires It is a great destination for those who want to experience another culture, history and geography without having to go far! As a neighboring country to Brazil and,...

Oasis Huacachina Ica Peru

Discover the incredible oasis of Huacachina in Peru!

Discovering an oasis can be a dream come true and is closer than we could imagine! Peru, for example, has the desert of Ica and in it,…

Landscape Purace National Park Colombia
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Tips for alternative destinations to visit in Colombia!

For a thousand and one reasons, it is common for tourists to avoid very busy tourist spots! Both for economic reasons and for the desire to learn more about countries and cultures,…

Birds Isla Gorgona
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Ecotourism in Colombia: The best destinations!

Ecotourism is one of the main forms of entertainment that align tourist practices with respect for the environment! Thus, around the world, there are several leisure options that follow...