A paradise in Bahia: Visit the Prado!

Praia Do Tororao Prado BA Panoramio
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A paradise in Bahia: Visit the Prado!

Prado is a small town located in the south of Bahia, famous for its calm waters on a desert coast and with an almost untouched nature! So, if you want to find a paradise of beaches with clear, warm waters, this is the ideal place for your days of rest and leisure!

Here are some tips about the city and what to do during your stay! Bon Voyage!

What to do in Prado/BA?

The city is a great option for those who want to find empty and quiet beaches and a good infrastructure of bars, restaurants and hotels! Thus, it is possible to relax and still count on good places in comfort and services to enjoy a few days of rest!

Enjoy the beaches!

The great charm and main attraction of Prado are the beaches! Most of the city's coast offers empty beaches for you to enjoy incredible scenery and easy access! Here are the main beaches for you to add to your itinerary:

Tororão Beach

This is a beach farthest from the center, about 18km. But it's worth knowing, the view of the cliffs and the empty beach are the right choice to relax and take great photos!

Bar do Cahy

Bar do Cahy Prado
Bar do Cahy Prado

This is a necessary beach because, in history, it is considered the first beach in Brazil! Although many consider Porto Seguro as the first point of contact between Europeans and Brazilian soil, it was actually in this stretch of the Prado that the colonizers landed for the first time!

Pier beach

For those who want to find a good infrastructure, the tip is the district of Cumuruxatiba and more specifically Praia do Pier! But, keep in mind that this is a more crowded destination during high season and holidays, as it guarantees bars, restaurants and kiosks for tourists!

Prado Pier Beach
Prado Pier Beach

Praia Novo Prado, Praia do Central and Praia do Coqueiral

These are the closest beaches to the center of Prado, and also closest to Beco das Garrafas. Thus, they have a good balance between practicality, beauty, infrastructure and security!

Humpback whale watching

The municipality of Prado is located on the Brazilian coastline known as Whale Coast, a region of approximately 80 km that also has the access point to the archipelago of Thistles! Thus, between the months of July and November, in addition to visiting the region and the island, it is possible to observe humpback whales!

At this time, the mammals are close to the coast because they are with babies, so it's a time to go on boat trips and see these giants of the sea up close! The tours depart from the municipality of Caravelas, with stipulated times, try to find out beforehand and schedule the trip that costs at least R$300 per person in high season!

The city also offers other boat and diving trips to observe the reefs! For this, the tip is to look for the tours next to Praia de Guaratiba!

Bars and restaurants

If you want to find good bars and restaurants, the tip is the gastronomic hub of Beco das Garrafas! The place also receives once a year the Meadow Gastronomic Festival and among them, the main restaurants stand out: Bistrô Donna Flor, Banana da Terra, Macaxeira, Jubiabá, Neo Cicerone, Peixin and Lampião Burger.

Among the bar options, we highlight the Cabana da Preta, the Bar da Ladeira, the Bendito Bar. In addition, if you are looking for a bar next to the beach, the bars at Praia do Centro Coqueral and Cabana Gil Mineiro are the best options.

If you also want to enjoy lunch or dinner by the beach at Coqueiral, the tip is Cabana Costa Mágica! These options are listed on the city's central beach.

Among the options for Praia do Prado, we recommend the Flor de Sal Beach!