RELIGIOUS TRIPS: Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Assumpção de Cabo Frio

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RELIGIOUS TRIPS: Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Assumpção de Cabo Frio

The city of Cabo Frio is the seventh oldest city in Brazil, and is located on the Costa do Sol, east of the capital of the city of Rio de Janeiro, at a distance of about 170 km. In addition, the city has a strong tourist attraction due to its natural beauty, mainly due to the lush beaches.

However, like so many other Brazilian cities, Cabo Frio it also has churches that offer tourism options to lovers of architecture and religious culture. Among these churches, the Matriz Nossa Senhora da Assumpção is a good destination for devotees of the patron saint and all visitors to the city!

The Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Assumpção de Cabo Frio

The parish church is the church referred to as the historical parish. Possibly, it was built still in the period of the hereditary captaincies, around 1600. Being one of the oldest buildings in the city, it is located in the center of the city. Its location is close to the channel that connects the sea to the coast of Cabo Frio to the Araruama lagoon.

This construction started as a church dedicated to Saint Helena, later passing to the patron saint Nossa Senhora D'Assumpção. In addition to the main nave, the side chapel on the left of the church still features the image of Nossa Senhora da Conceição or Nossa Senhora Aparecida de Cabo Frio. The image was found by fishermen in a stone cave in the city, in a place called “Tabuleiro”, in 1721.

As it is a construction from the colonial period, it is not possible to use photographic flashes inside the building. This is because it has several details of its structure with gold decoration. Thus, it is a church in the classic style of the colonial period, with wooden structures and tiles on the floor.

In addition, the church has a white painting on the outside and gold details on the inside, in addition to the images of saints that adorn the place. Its architecture follows the typical of the XNUMXth century in a Jesuit style, with Baroque altars. This church is about a hundred years older than the mining churches of the gold cycle period!

Details of the Matriz church of Cabo Frio

The image inside the patron saint was the third image to arrive from Portugal to Brazil, with Friar Agostinho being responsible for it. The church underwent restorations in 1960 on the side altars and on its main altar. In other words, it is a rich and historic church without comparisons!

Today, the church has some pieces, such as the Baptismal Font, the Urn of the Most Holy, and the canvases of the four evangelists: São Francisco de Assis and Santo Antônio de Pádua, São José de Botas and Nossa Senhora do Rosário, in addition to images in his lateral construction of Joaquim and Archangel Gabriel. In addition, in the chapel of the Santíssimo there are images of Nossa Senhora das Dores, the Lord of the Steps, and the image of the Dead Lord.

Visiting the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Assumpção de Cabo Frio

The Church allows visitation at scheduled times at the parish office or at the auxiliary parish church, which is close to this building. In addition, on some holy days of guard and once a month, on Sundays in the morning, masses take place in the church, in addition to the organization of baptisms and weddings in the church.

For this information it is important to contact the parish secretariat or search for information on the official website of the Parish of Nossa Senhora da Assunção de Cabo Frio.